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How VIPs Decide On Getting A Bulletproof Vehicle?

April 03, 2023 0


Choosing a safe, reliable car that provides superior protection is an important decision for VIPs. That is why they rely upon bulletproof vehicles more than ordinary ones. But do you think bulletproof vehicles are only for VIPs? 

There is no question that even a civilian can upgrade an existing vehicle to a bulletproof one. Anyone who is more serious about his/her personal security can get a bulletproof vehicle. But there is a lot of confusion while choosing a bulletproof vehicle, isn't it? Don't worry, because now you can choose an armoured car in the same way VIPs choose. 

Here in this article, we will look at the factors VIPs consider when deciding on a bulletproof vehicle, from safety features to cost. Discover what the most crucial aspects are that these individuals must factor in to ensure their safety and security. The armoured cars are designed to deflect bullets and protect the occupants from injury. Following are some of the key factors that VIPs consider while adding a bulletproof car to their fleet. 

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Security Features

Today's armoured cars are designed with security features that protect the passengers, crew, and the vehicle itself from a variety of threats. There are a plethora of security features in a VIP armoured car. Depending upon the demands of the customer, more and more features can be added up to the car. Following are some of the most common features that turn an ordinary car into a bulletproof one: 

  • Bullet-resistant glass
  • Armoured body
  • Run-flat tires
  • Emergency lights and sirens
  • Armoured doors
  • Under the bonnet safety
  • Bullet catcher

Cost of Armouring

When it comes to the price of making your car bulletproof, there are a few things to consider. The first is the level of protection you want. The second is the type of vehicle you have. And the third is the standards that you want to meet. The level of protection you want will affect the price you pay for the armouring. If you want a higher level of protection, then you can expect to pay more. But if you're only looking for a basic level of protection, then you can expect to pay less. The size of the vehicle also adds up to the costs effectively.

Armouring Process

There can be many processes followed by different armoured vehicle manufacturers. But there are some standard processes that VIPs consider very closely while bulletproofing their vehicle. The best armouring process ensures that there are no errors and complete security.

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Maintenance Cost

Getting your ordinary car turned into a bulletproof one is a one-time investment, but owning and maintaining a bulletproof car comes with recurring expenses. VIPs are well aware of the pricing for armouring as well as the maintenance costs that come with it. If you are also willing to have a bulletproof car like VIPs, then you should pre-calculate such expenses. 

Visual Impact After Armouring

The trend of luxury armoured cars is going high these days, and nobody wants to damage the appearance of their luxury car after armouring. That is why VIPs get expert consultation on this to know how much visual impact they will have on their luxury car after armouring. However, there are some prominent armoured car manufacturers who never let the visual appearance of the car change after bulletproofing.

Following is an example of a Toyota Fortuner. JCBL Armouring Solutions has successfully turned this Fortuner into a bulletproof car, but nobody can identify any change in its appearance. 


Impact on the Performance

Armouring brings out the stronger version of an existing car, so it is obvious that there will be an impact on the performance of the car. To ensure zero impact on the performance, the transmission system, brakes and many other components are enhanced by the armouring manufacturer. VIPs are highly concerned about the performance of their car, so they ensure that their service provider is enhancing the car enough to maintain or boost its performance.  


Not only for VIPs but this point is important for every person who is planning to have a bulletproof car in their fleet. There are different materials used while armouring a car and the quality of the materials matters a lot to the owner. VIP armoured car owners never compromise on the quality of the materials, which is why manufacturers follow strict quality control protocols


Selecting the right bulletproof vehicle is an important decision that VIPs must make. From researching to testing, there are several factors they consider, such as price and performance. Ultimately, each person's reasons for choosing a particular model may be personal, but understanding their decisions gives us a clearer insight into what makes bulletproof vehicles so special and why these high-profile individuals trust them to protect themselves from harm. You must consider the factors before getting a bulletproof car.

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