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Can I Upgrade My Existing Vehicle To A Bulletproof Vehicle?

December 03, 2022 Admin 0

The demand for bulletproof cars is constantly rising due to the requirement for higher security levels. If you're also more concerned about your safety, you might also be looking for an armoured vehicle. The first question that might bother you is whether you can turn your existing vehicle into a bulletproof one or not. 


It's obvious that a vehicle can be upgraded to bulletproof, but only if it is eligible. That eligibility comprises various criteria. Initially, you might feel perplexed, but after you know all about these eligibility criterias, you will become more certain about your choices in terms of armoured vehicles. 


Answering more practically, every car is not eligible; only 3.0-litre turbocharged units or higher turbocharged cars can be armoured as the extra weight will be added during armouring. Eventually, the armouring increases the weight approximately by 150%. Let's figure out other important things to know about bulletproofing: 

Government Approval

Well, it is mandatory to have government approval for the bulletproof upgradation of an ordinary vehicle. Also, the armoured vehicle manufacturer should have the proper licence for operating the bulletproofing process of cars. 

Level of protection

There are different levels of protection when it comes to armoured vehicles. Also, there are different standards used worldwide. Even the bulletproof sheet to bulletproof glass comes in different gradients according to the levels of protection. You need to know about the features and specific things that you need in your car and get the modification done successfully.

Bulletproofing Cost 

The cost depends on the specific vehicle model. The level of protection you have chosen, features, and other technologies requested to be installed. The size of the vehicle is also a considerable aspect while calculating the bulletproofing cost. It is better to ask for quotations from a reputed and licensed armoured vehicle manufacturer.



Car lovers are always worried about the post-armouring appearance of the vehicle. They are curious to know whether their car will look the same after armouring or not. This doubt comes to mind because armouring is like putting more material on the vehicle, making it tough as well as heavier. 


However, genuine armouring never affects the appearance of the vehicle. To keep it in the same shape and style, you must choose a licensed and genuine armoured vehicle manufacturer. With an authentic manufacturer, your car will remain in the same shape even after becoming extra strong to protect you. 

Armouring Process

The existing car will be torn down to the basic chassis level. For armouring, the car is enforced with powerful ballistic material, tires, glass, and ammunition according to the needs. Armoured features help to make the vehicle stronger and safe. The original interiors conceal the entire bulletproof procedure to accomplish the final touches. Thus, final touches will allow no one to know that your car is bulletproof. 


Final Thoughts

Now you know everything about the eligibility of bulletproofing a car. With all this information, you can easily conclude that your car is eligible to be transformed into a bulletproof vehicle. JCBL Armouring Solutions offers excellent armouring services to make your existing vehicle powerful and safe. We upgrade the strong safety features of the car to make every travelling experience safe, secure, and comfortable.

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