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  • Material which will be used for Armouring are thoroughly checked and tested at our plant at independent testing laboratory.
  • We do the in house material hardness test for the better result along with laboratory.
  • Ballistic test as per the standard.
  • Material composition is the crucial part, which is been done from independent laboratory.
  • Hinges, specially designed hinges to take the additional weight of armouring, we have the standard testing of hinges hardness.
  • Run flat systems: We drive the vehicle on off road conditions to test the Run Flat System.



  • All the material procured to manufacture armoured vehicles is from reputed, renowned and approved vendor across the globe.
  • Ballistic Steel: We have the list of vendor who manufactures ballistic steel. On a special request from our customers we can use their recommendation to manufacture armoured vehicles, but as per test and armouring standard.
  • B R Glasses: We have tied up with many of the B R Glass manufacture company with the proven track record.
  • Suspension System: Specially designed suspension system to take the additional weight of Armouring.
  • Brakes: Are the most critical and important part of armoured vehicle, we upgrade the brakes as per the requirement of the vehicle.
  • Hinges: Specially designed and manufactured ballistic hinges for the better performance of armoured doors.
  • Run Flat Systems: We procure from renowned and approved manufacturers only. As per finable standards/ as per the specific standard.



All vehicles are subjected to four categories of documented inspections from the time of chassis/vehicle delivery to the finished product being delivered. These include receiving inspection, in-process inspection, post production inspection and pre delivery inspection.

Receiving Inspection

As the new chassis/vehicle arrives at our facility the vehicle is inspected for any damage before it can proceed to production.

 In-process Inspection

Each vehicle is visually inspected daily by qualified quality control inspectors. The inspectors document each process throughout production of each vehicle.

 Post Production

Once the armouring process is complete, our quality inspectors subject the vehicle to a post-production inspection. This inspection consists of a complete vehicle interior inspection to ensure correct fit and finish,

exterior inspection to ensure there are no flaws or damage and a road test to ensure the vehicle is operating at optimal performance.

 Pre-delivery Inspection

Before the vehicle is ready for delivery, our quality control inspectors will thoroughly inspect the vehicle one last time to confirm the accuracy of previous inspections.


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