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What Are The Top Bulletproof Cars For Civilians In India?

January 18, 2023 Admin 0

Demand for armoured vehicles is increasing among civilians after citizens have become more conscious about their safety. No matter what environment you live in, some circumstances always make you feel unsafe at some point in time. 

Most people are perplexed and think that only defence or authorised persons can have armoured vehicles. That's why people ask whether civilians can buy armoured vehicles in India. The answer is yes. Civilians can also get one of India's best civilian armoured vehicles. With some government authorities' permission, one can easily turn an ordinary vehicle into a bulletproof car in India if it meets the necessary eligibility. 


If you believe your surroundings have become unsafe and want to prioritise personal safety, then it's time for an upgrade. Here we are with the list of the best bulletproof cars in India for civilians. The list comprises the top five armoured cars for civilians. Apart from this, below, you will find important factors to know before upgrading to a bulletproof vehicle.


Top 5 Bulletproof Cars For Civilians In India  


Toyota Fortuner is one of the most preferred vehicles for armouring. There is a huge demand for this dynamic SUV due to its unmatched looks and powerful engine. Fortuner is secured with bulletproof glass and thick ballistic steel plates to enhance the safe drive experience. Armouring this premium SUV brings numerous safety features. It is one of the best bulletproof cars that provides best-in-class comfort and high-end safety. 

Innova Crysta

Toyota Innova Crysta is a tough MUV in India. The modernised look, vibrant features, and luxurious interiors become more precious when it is turned into an armoured vehicle. Innova Crysta connects comfort and safety features to guarantee a safe travelling experience. Enhancements to suspension, brake pads, and tires are made to keep it powerful even after an extra load of armouring. Innova Crysta is preferred by people who want phenomenal performance while driving and additional security.

BMW 7-Series

Civilians with a good budget prefer to get a BMW 7-Series armoured for extra security. The armoured version of the BMW 7-Series offers seventh-heaven comfort while travelling. The powerful engine, strong body, and exceptional technology elevate the distinctive character of this armoured sedan. The BMW 7-Series ensures strong driving dynamics to enhance safe and sound travelling experiences. The high-quality technology delivers unsurpassed safety and security from life-threatening circumstances. 

Mercedes-Benz GLE 350 d

Mercedes-Benz GLE 350 d is one of the best vehicles with sophisticated luxury equipment and an all-terrain-ready body to have comfort even during off-roading rides. Turning Mercedes-Benz GLE 350 d into an armoured car takes things to a new level of advancement. One can avail luxuriousness and comfort with additional safety in this car if it gets armoured. Additional bullet catcher-like features make it safer, and performance enhancements make it move smoothly.  

Range Rover Evoque

Range Rover Evoque is engineered to provide class-leading standards, and its armoured version goes higher than the standards. It fulfils the desire of having a strong vehicle without compromising on an excellent luxury interior and great appearance. It is one of the high-performance SUVs in the list of top preferred luxury armoured cars for civilians in India. 

Important Things To Consider:

No matter which top bulletproof car you choose for yourself, some points are always important to consider for everybody. Here are these points:

Service Provider

Choosing an armoured vehicle manufacturer needs a little attention as it will determine the final product's quality. You need to select one with enough capabilities to provide an excellent product. 


Of course, it becomes more confusing when you see the list of the top 10 bulletproof cars in India or anything like that. However, experts can guide you about the best civilian armoured vehicles, but the final decision will always be on your end.

Protection Level 

There are different protection levels available as per international armouring standards. Choosing one, according to the risks associated, is always preferred. Different levels of protection don't mean that some cars will be fully bulletproof and some are not; rather, it means having the capability to bear a specific type of ammunition. Never confuse it with the number of bullets a bulletproof car can take. 


Permission to have an armoured car is necessary for India. Some authorised entities by the Government of India grant these permissions. 



Always keep in mind armouring can impact the performance of your car. However, if you choose the best-armoured vehicle manufacturer, who pays huge attention to the details, your armoured car can be enhanced for optimised performance. There are many points to work on such as ballistic steel armouring, special treatment for the fuel tank, and Run-flat tyres. All these modern advancements provide untamed security to the armoured vehicle to mitigate every tough situation.


Price can only be calculated with the same standards for some vehicles and protection levels. Different features, protection levels, and vehicle types will determine the price. Are you worried about how much it costs to get a bulletproof car? Then, asking an expert might help you to get an idea about civilian armoured vehicles' prices.


Driving from point A to B without any risk or fear is now possible with a high-end protection layer. The idea is to turn your ordinary vehicle into an armoured car and make it your shield of protection. JCBL Armouring Solutions provides top-notch armoured vehicles built with high-quality materials and tested at multiple levels. Thus, JCBL Armouring Solutions works as the best-armoured vehicle manufacturer in India to ensure armouring services at higher standards. Still, have any queries unanswered? Feel free to contact us.

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