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The Safety and Security Features of VIP Armoured Vehicles

January 30, 2023 0


In this day and age, safety and security are paramount for any VIP - be it a politician, celebrity, or diplomat. In order to ensure their protection from threat, specialised armoured cars are often employed.

It’s no secret that travelling means taking security measures for VIPs, and this is especially true when it comes to travel by vehicle. But what exactly makes armoured vehicles a safe choice for VIPs? In this article, we explore the various safety and security features these vehicles come with and their effectiveness in providing safe passage for high-profile individuals.


Components of an Armoured Vehicle

Armoured vehicles are different from ordinary vehicles, and so are the components that it has. An armoured vehicle has similar components but is enhanced to provide extra security to passengers. The following are the major components that differentiate an ordinary vehicle from a VIP armoured vehicle. 


BR Glass

Ballistic Resistant or BR Glass is the core element of an armoured vehicle. Be it a VIP one or the regular, armoured vehicles are incomplete with the BR glasses installed in all window panes. It ensures the safety of the passengers by providing transparent armour to the vehicle.


Run-flat Tires

Run Flat Tires are specially made for bulletproof vehicles and are a core component of a VIP armoured vehicle. Run Flat Tires (RFT) allow the vehicle to work even after being shot by bullets. RFTs are capable of moving the vehicle even if they are inflated.


Armoured Body

The whole body is made bulletproof with ballistic steel panels making a VIP armoured vehicle more secure than any else. 


Under The Bonnet

The functionality of a vehicle relies upon the parts that are found under the bonnet. So it becomes crucial to provide an extra security layer under the bonnet to keep the VIP armoured vehicle functional even after being attacked. 


Bullet Catcher

Bullet catchers are installed in the window panes and doors so that they absorb the bullets fired on an armoured vehicle. 


Safety and Security Features

Why are VIP armoured vehicles secure? What are the key features that make an armoured vehicle safer? These are the basic questions that people might ask when they are willing to have an armoured vehicle for them. Apart from the components of an armoured vehicle, some key features make an armoured vehicle more secure: 


International Standards

There are different categories regarding the different levels of protection used for vehicle armouring. Different international standards have various levels that protect against a particular type of ammunition. 


Tested Materials

Materials that are being used in the armouring process are very important to consider. Global standards and independent tests are conducted to ensure quality. 


Safety of Core Parts

Core parts of a vehicle, such as the Engine Control Unit (ECM) and Fuse box, are also armoured to provide extra protection level to the VIPs.



Before the VIPs start making use of the armoured vehicles, the proper inspection is conducted after the whole armouring process ends. 


Additional Layers

Additional components make an armoured vehicle more robust and protected. These features include dual door locks, optimised hinges, operational windows, etc. 


Benefits of Armored Vehicles

VIPs often have a need for added security, and an armoured vehicle can provide that. Here are some benefits of using an armoured vehicle: 


  • Protection from firearms and other ballistic threats. 
  • Protection from explosive devices.
  • Higher privacy than regular cars. 
  • Enhanced comfort in luxury armoured cars.



In short, armoured VIP vehicles can provide an extra layer of safety and security for those with high-profile occupations or even those who are looking to travel with peace of mind. With technological advances, these vehicles have become more secure than ever before and offer a level of protection that is hard to match. So if you’re looking for a way to stay safe and secure on your journey, consider investing in one of these state-of-the-art armoured luxury cars.


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