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JCBL Armouring Solutions has a significant experience in the automotive sector and has the capacity to roll out volumes with consistent quality. We can supply and deliver armoured vehicles all over India & Abroad. JCBL armouring solutions work closely with local partners for outbound logistics arrangements to deliver armoured vehicles or spare parts seamlessly and damage free within 30 to 45 days. We also facilitate international delivery to all major airports and seaports.


Service & Maintenance

The service of the vehicle should be scheduled from time to time as per the siputaled period.

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Armored vehicle suspension needs a check in every 15000 kms as the weight is generally upgraded



Tire check is must within every 10,000 kms and replacement of armored vehicle tires within 20,000 to 25000 kms.


Tire Pressure- Front and Rear

These vehicle needs special care- the pressure should be maintained at 48 PSI.


Brake Pads

The brake pads are upgraded to perform better in comparison to additional weight incorporated in Vehicle. Need to be replaced after every 15000 Kms.


Brake Oil

Need to change the oil on 10,000kms if required, or whenever the vehicle goes in for servicing


Engine Oil

Replacement of engine oil after every 3000 to 5000 Kms, as per the requirement and running of the vehicle along with oil filter for better results


Gear Box Oil

Replacement of the oil after 10,000 kms W150


Differential Oil

Replacement of the oil after 10,000 kms. W40


Syntactic Oil

Syntactic oil and its oil filter needs a replacement on every 7500 kms


Engine Timing Belt

Replace the engine timing after every 10,000kms.


Engine Coolant

Coolant needs to be checked from time to time, can be replaced after 40,000 kms


Engine Timing Tensioner

Timing Tensioner bearing needs check within every 10,000kms and replacement if required



Adjustment of valve if required, should be can be checked in 15,000 to 20,000 Km.



AC servicing from time to time


Electrical Fitments

On every 10,000kms


Wheel Balancing and Alignment

This is an important aspect of armoredvehicle, it needs to be checked from time to time or whenever the vehicle is sent for servicing


Wheel Liners

Needs to be replaced after every 7500 kms



Needs to be checked from time to time


Air Filter

Air Filter needs to be replaced after every 7500 kms


Diesel Filter

Diesel Filter needs to be replaced after every 7500 kms


Hand Brake

Hand Brake cable or the system needs to be checked from time to time and if required needs to be replaced.


ABS Sensors

Check Time to Time.


Clutch Plates

Clutch plate and pressure plate to be checked from time to time and needs to be replaced after every 30,000 kms






We offer warranty for the armour related items installed and modification related custom workmanship for two (2) years, or 40,000 kms (25,000 miles), whichever comes first. The warranty covers the repair and replacement of warranty related items only. JCBL Armouring Solutions is not at all responsible for any damage caused by accidents, negligence, and misuse of the vehicle.

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