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How Is Bulletproofing Or Armouring Of Vehicles Done?


Armouring a vehicle is not a one-shot task. It's a complete process of making a vehicle robust to stay intact in bad circumstances. The process comprises various stages, including R&D, Armouring and Testing. Further, all these stages have many steps to be followed to make a car bulletproof. 

This process ensures that every inch of the car can be tough against ammunition attack. The process varies a little according to types of vehicles, protection levels and service providers. However, the purpose of all processes is the same, to provide safety to the customer. 

The Process of Armouring

We are under the assumption that you are aware of the legal procedures and government permissions required for vehicle armouring. A vehicle can only be bulletproof after the government's permission. 

Designing and Engineering

Things start with design and engineering. Various materials are required for armouring, and these materials must be picked up according to the specific design. We use a 3D modelling system to ensure preparing all the materials. 

Testing Is A Must

Going ahead without testing the materials is not preferred while armouring a car. Everything must be tested according to specific standards to ensure the quality of the final product. Multiple independent tests are conducted before starting the bulletproofing process for any car. 


The action starts here when we have to disassemble the vehicle and strip it down to its frame. Dismantling the body and its panels is vital to replace the ordinary materials of the car with armoured ones.


After getting armoured materials ready with thorough testing, It's time to put these there on the car. Through precise welding, all the voids in the car structure get filled with armoured composites. These materials are obviously heavier than ordinary ones, but some extra hinges can manage easily. 

Protecting The Core Parts

Providing protection from all corners is essential and protecting the core parts of the vehicles, like the engine, fuse box, battery and ECM, is way more important than anything else. To ensure the safety of these parts, we maximize the protection levels by adding extra protection under the bonnet.

Run-flat tyres

After armouring, the vehicle will be heavier than its regular version, so there will be more load on the tyres. We use Run-flat tyres to ensure they can take up the extra load easily and have the strength to bear the fire shot. Installing run-flat tyres enable your vehicle to move even after the fire shot. 

Bulletproof Glass

The most prone part of a vehicle is the glass when it comes to protection from bullets. Transparent armoured materials are installed in all the glasses of the car. 


The extra weight of the armour will also impact the car's performance. So it becomes crucial to optimize various mechanisms of the car to enhance its performance. It includes modification of the suspension and braking system of the car.


After welding, modifying and replacing materials, the car body is again reassembled to make it look exactly like the original version. Also, additional fittings like sirens, dual door locks, spotlights and operational windows are added at this stage. 

Inspection & Testing 

Before we hand over the car to the customer, we ensure there is no functional error. We inspect every part thoroughly and test the car's performance, protection, and many other aspects. A complete quality control test is conducted to make it error-free and ready to use for the customer. 


Bulletproofing a car requires appropriate resources, time and effort. JCBL Armouring Solutions has them all. We have a clear and thorough process with many quality testing checkpoints. The vehicle goes through different checkpoints, and a team of professionals works efficiently to ensure you get a high-quality final product. If you still have more queries about your armoured vehicle requirement, you can talk to our team of professionals.

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