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The Rise of Luxury Armoured Vehicles

February 03, 2023 Admin 0

Getting a luxury armoured vehicle is an exciting purchase for many, but it's also one that requires extra safety due to the increased risk of criminal activity. That's why the market for luxury armoured vehicles has seen an incredible rise in recent years, and it's not going to slow down.

The future of the luxury armoured vehicle market looks very promising. This growth is being driven by the rising demand for luxury armoured vehicles from VIPs and high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs). With more and more people seeking to protect themselves against the ever-evolving threats of violence, the armoured vehicle market is on the rise. Safety with comfort is what is leading the growth in the segment of luxury armoured vehicles. People want to be protected in style!

Let's figure out why the demand for luxury armoured vehicles is rapidly increasing and why it is really important. Apart from this, we will discuss the latest trends in this segment.

The Growing Demand For Luxury SUVs
As the world becomes increasingly unstable, more and more people are turning to armoured vehicles to protect themselves and their families. And luxury is another advanced step that people are taking for extra comfort. The growing demand for luxury armoured vehicles has led to a booming industry.
While luxury armoured vehicles used to be the preserve of the rich and famous, they are now becoming increasingly popular with ordinary families who want to protect themselves from the threat of violence. With the world seeming increasingly dangerous, it is likely that the demand for luxury armoured vehicles will continue to grow in the future.

Different Types of armoured Vehicles
There are multiple types of armoured vehicles, and they all have different features as per their application. The following are the major types:

Luxury Armoured
Luxury armoured vehicles are more convenient and comfortable for customers with enhanced security. Luxury vehicles like Land Cruiser, BMW-7 Series, and Land Rover are turned into bulletproof vehicles under this category.

Armoured SUVs
The most preferred vehicles for bulletproofing in India are SUVs. These armoured SUVs are also luxury, and they provide extra layers of security without having any impact on their appearance.

Military Armoured
These are not for civilians but for the defense segment. Military armoured vehicles consist of stallion cabs, MBPVs (Medium Bullet Proof Vehicle), etc.

Special Application
Special application armoured vehicles are made especially for special purposes like election campaign, VIP buses, and police morchas.

The Security Benefits of Luxury armoured Vehicles
Luxury armoured vehicles offer a level of security that is simply not possible with an unarmoured vehicle. Here are just a few of the security benefits that luxury armoured vehicles offer:

Protection from ballistic attack:
Luxury armoured vehicles are designed to withstand ballistic attacks from high-powered firearms, making them ideal for VIPs and other high-risk individuals.

Protection from fragmentation:
In the event of an explosion, luxury armoured vehicles can protect occupants from deadly fragments thanks to their specially designed windows and body panels.

Protection from fire:
Luxury armoured vehicles are also designed to be fireproof, keeping occupants safe in the event of a firefight or explosion.

Luxury SUVs That Are Preferred For Armouring
The most popular luxury armoured vehicles are SUVs, which offer a combination of power, speed, and space that is perfect for families. These vehicles are typically equipped with bulletproof glass, run-flat tires, and other features that make them resistant to attack. SUVs are best known as the best option when it comes to the top bulletproof cars for civilians in India. Toyota Fortuner, Innova Crysta, and Mahindra Scorpio are the preferred SUVs.

Final Thoughts
Luxury armoured vehicles have become increasingly popular in recent years. People are looking for options where luxury with state-of-the-art is combined with armour for complete protection from threats. The rise of luxury armoured vehicles has made traveling a much safer experience for those who can afford it and puts an emphasis on the importance of safety even when traveling in high-risk areas. These cars represent the latest technology in personal security and give those who can afford them peace of mind during travel.

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