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What Needs To Look Out For Before Bulletproofing A Car?

November 01, 2022 Admin 0

Bulletproofing of car seems challenging without having all the necessary information in front of you. Being informed is one of the best ways to get the best services. No doubt that bulletproof car manufacturers provide enough guidance to customers, but being prepared on your own is always the best. 

There are many things to consider while going for the bulletproofing of car. Some aspects are related to technology, while some are related to cost and appearance. Today we will provide information to help you cover all the bases before you proceed further with bulletproofing of car. 

Level of Risk

The plan of bulletproofing a car comes after realising a risk or need for safety on the roads. Most of the time, risk pushes public figures to get their vehicles armoured. Finding out the level of risk you are having will establish the next steps in the process. To tackle different levels of risks, there are different levels of protection. The first question you should ask yourself is about the risk level.

Type of Vehicle

What type of vehicle do you want to be armoured? Before planning further, you should visit an appropriate armoured vehicle manufacturer or vehicle armour service provider. Experts are always the best to answer your doubts about the type of vehicle you should get armoured. The condition and capacity of the vehicle should also be known before going for the armouring. 

Protection Level

There are different levels of protection available in the vehicle armouring segment. There are even many armouring standards that you can choose from. What you need is important to know before you avail and pay for any armouring service. Going to a bulletproof car manufacturer will help you get to the point of deciding the protection level. Levels of protection are related to the type of ammo. The CEN and NIJ standards classify the levels of protection differently.  

Cost of Armouring

It comes at the last of the list but is one of the most crucial aspects. After deciding on the vehicle, protection level, and other stuff, you will get an estimated total cost. Knowing the cost before deciding things is quite difficult. So the best thing is to lay down everything and then ask a decent bulletproof car manufacturer for the cost estimation. 

Service Provider

The one who is providing you the service to armour your car is also an essential point in this checklist. Are you choosing a genuine, reputed, and quality service provider? Check out their reviews, brochure, website, and everything to know more about the service provider. The better the service provider is, the better you will get the service. 


Bulletproofing a car is not something you should do without any planning. Making a thorough plan, deciding things with a serious mindset, and choosing the right resources are always necessary. All the checkpoints mentioned above are necessary whether you want a personal car or any other commercial vehicle to be armoured. 


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