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Do You Know The Different Protection Levels In Armouring?

September 22, 2022 0

In armouring, there are different protection levels, and they are chosen as per the projected risks. Before going ahead with any armoured protection levels, it is crucial to know all about them. 

Armoured car manufacturers offer various protection levels, all of which are different in one way or another. The difference can be based upon a specification such as tolerance, capacity, material or safety level. Knowing all the protection levels in detail is the best way to make a better choice. 


Protection Levels In Different Standards 

Before you jump on to different armoured protection levels, you need to know the standards that are being followed by the armouring solutions providers such as armoured car manufacturers and other bulletproof material manufacturers. Some of the significant International armouring standards are CEN (The European Committee for Standardisation), NIJ (National Institute of Justice), STANAG, etc. All of these are established by different authorities. Based upon different armouring standards, we can classify the armoured protection levels for vehicles in the following way: 


CEN Standard

The European Committee for Standardisation has seven different levels of armouring for vehicles according to the types of different firearms. They are known as Ballistic Resistance (BR) levels.



CEN BR1 protects from a rifle with a calibre of 0.22 LR. 



Ballistic Resistance 2 is meant for the handgun of 9 mm luger calibre. It is also used to protect from a handgun of 7.62x51 calibre. 



BR3 level of protection also withstands the bullets of a handgun of a calibre 0.357 magnum.



Again a level of protection from a handgun that is of 5.56x45 calibre. 



This level of protection is from rifles that have a calibre of 5.56x45.



Ballistic Resistance level 6 provides protection from rifles with a calibre of 7.62 x 51. 



The only difference between BR6 and BR7 is that BR6 is softcore, and BR7 is for hardcore protection. BR7 also protects from rifles of 7.62 x 51 calibre.


NIJ Levels of Protection

Besides CEN, another popular standard is being followed by armour manufacturers, NIJ (National Institute of Justice). This standard also has different levels that protect from different ammunition. 



Handguns of 22 LR HV Lead 38 Special RN Lead fall under this level of protection in NIJ standard.



Protection from handguns, including revolvers and pistols that are of 357 magnum JSP and 9 mm FMJ, can be availed with this level.



This level is again similar to the above one (NIJ II-A) protection with a little difference in bullet mass. 



Handguns with 44 magnum and some specific bullet masses come under this protection level. 



Taking the protection to the next level, NIJ III can resist rifles of 7.62 mm and some others. 



This one is for the sniper and is one of the advanced protection levels used in body armour and vehicles. 


Levels of Protection for Vehicles

Various standards are being used worldwide for armour protection levels. Some are commonly used for body armour, while others are mostly used for armoured vehicles. Apart from seeing levels from a standard point of view, we can also consider them from vehicle protection levels. 


  • Light Armoured Vehicles
  • Standard Armoured Vehicles
  • Heavy Armoured Vehicles



Levels mean the level of protection an armoured solution has from a specific range of guns or bullets. These levels are required because all guns and bullets have a different intensity of the damage they cause. BR stands for Ballistic Resistance, and different levels are established based on the scale of BR. The different authorities are setting various levels of protection under the armoured protection standards.

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