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What are the different types of vehicle armouring levels?

Now that you have decided to bullet-proof your vehicle for it to provide a combination of operational mobility as well as offensive and defensive capabilities, there is one critical point that will require the highest consideration. It is to determine the exact level of protection needed after carefully analyzing the probable risks.


For this reason, these automobiles are not a direct showroom purchase but considered as a specialized category of motors that are customized as per customer requirements and necessities. Thus, if you are thinking of acquiring such a vehicle, then it is vital to be well-guided on the basics of what are bullet-proof cars made of, its various features and the different types of vehicle armouring levels.


Hence, today, let’s understand the various requirements which foremost determines the need for an armoured vehicle, especially against the backdrop of the perceived stage of threat. In addition, factors like cost, vehicle type and the number of passengers all affect the level of defence needed.


  • Lightly Armoured Vehicles


When purchasing an armoured vehicle, if the specification rating reads BR- 1-3, then comprehend it to be a light bulletproof vehicleThese motors have significant firewall protection to withstand small arms that fire up from .22MM to 9MM rounds. These may also come with armoured plating around the suspension, fuel tank, and vehicle battery. However, BR- 1-3 is rarely operated, though theseare feasible in case of small businesses and also beneficial in instances like armed robberies.


  • Standard Armoured Vehicles


Standard Armoured Vehicles


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The next classification is between BR 4-6. These wheelers render higher ballistic protection along with all the standard features that are a part of the lightest armouring vehicle BR 1-3. These types of autos can protect from calibres up to 7.62MM rounds, as they safeguard from specialized handguns such as AK-47s. Designed to withstand assault rifles and automatic weapons, these are among the most popular protection levels and are also straightforward to implement which thus provide an enormous security advantage. These vehicles can be customized as per requirements and mainly used in government buildings, embassies and even militaries.


  • Heavy Armoured Vehicles



These state-of-art specialized bulletproof vehicles are among the most secured vehicles in the industry. The ratings of these range between BR7 and BR10 which mean theseare highly equipped to protect against .223, .308, 7.62, .50, and 14.5 MM calibre rounds. Along with the basic features, this category is armed with thicker armour plating surrounding the exterior and critical points.


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In fact, B7 is one of the most robust security vehicles that can withstand piercing rounds fired from super high-velocity rifles, even sniper rifles. Thus, it is considered the highest possible protection available within civilian-grade armoured vehicles. These vehicles include all the optional upgrades and are suitable for security companies, military, high profile politicians and celebrities.


Every armoured automobile is engineered for it to work as a standard consumer car. These vehiclesgo through conventional road tests to checkforsafety provisions. These inspections are even more important as almost one tonne of extra bulk, and many technical aspects have to be reworked entirely to install and make a normal car into a special ammunition vehicle. It also replaces suspension and brakes with heavy-duty setups. Despite the modifications, the engine isn’t touched.


The high-end bulletproof armoured vehicles are guarded with other features like a run on a flat, punctured or burst tyre and even after being hit by a bullet. It also comes with upgraded suspension, shocks and brakes, optional gun ports, sirens and more.


So, now that you are aware of the different ballistic levels protection available in various specialized wheelers models across India’s best car modifiers, we hope you will take an informed decision while choosing the safest and the sturdiest four-wheel metals in town. If you still have any query, leave a comment below and we will respond to it.


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