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Can my existing car be armoured?

Now it’s not only James Bond who could flaunt his bulletproof vehicle! You can easily own a bulletproof car. Buy a brand new one or modify your lovely car into a fighting and protecting jet on wheels. Well, James Bond vehicle might be unscratched after all the turmoil of action but in reality, your protection and safety are taken over by your vehicle. The rise in the sales of bulletproof cars in India is a clear indication of the priority on safety and security that people are giving to them.


Can my existing car be armoured?


This is a question of the past. Earlier companies like Mercedes-Benz & BMW used to sell armoured cars. Now there are many bulletproof car manufacturers worldwide that are licensed and do the job of bulletproofing. In India, JCBL Armouring Solutions is a company that provides security with perfection while armouring your vehicle. Now, it’s time for you to decide how and how much security should your vehicle provide you! There are many companies who do the job of bulletproofing.


Are all cars and vehicles eligible for bulletproofing? This is something that is not in your hands as only a 3.0-litre turbocharged diesel unit or higher can be armoured because of the extra weight of the added armouring stuff which increases the weight approximately by 150%.


Is there a certain limit to which I can armour my car? The sky is the limit! It is in your hands how much secure and robust you want your vehicle to be. The range is endless— only bulletproof sheet to bulletproof glass (which also comes in different gradients) to external communication to firing units. You name it and you can have it in your very own car.


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Will the car be disfigured? Worry not; your car will be in as good a shape as it was when it directly came from the manufacturer— beautiful lady with extra strong martial arts abilities! The car is undoubtedly torn down to basic chassis level which might give a heart attack to the owner if he sees his car. This is just the beginning of revamping the vehicle. Bulletproof cars are enforced with new ballistic material, tires, glass, and ammunition according to the requirements. These security features are layered with the original body of the vehicle. Final touches of the original interiors camouflage the entire bulletproof process and declaration of being bulletproof.



Can anyone make out that its bullet proofed or can it be a secret? “Keep it under your hat!” Nobody can figure out from the exteriors that the car is armoured. Bring a smile to your face now that you know that your enemies or potential threat cannot find out. One of the crucial aspects of having an armoured vehicle is to maintain a low profile. In armoured cars in India, this has been achieved by advanced scientific techniques, which JCBL Armouring Solutions have perfected and presented time and over again.



Will windows behave in the same manner or will it be jammed? No jamming session! Only rolling up the security level! There are specific techniques that allow the windows to roll up and down, at least for the front windows. For security purposes, and wear and tear of the bullet resistant glass; limited use is advised.



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What if the glass breaks? Have you heard of the word “Transparent Armour”? We are talking about bulletproof glass and not merely any thick glass. It is a poly-carbonated and leaded glass. So, be sure that this glass is not fragile. Well, mostly it depends upon the security level required by you. It varies from 0.8inch for a handgun protection to 2 inches thick for 30-06 rifles. So, there is no chance that your security is at risk because of the glass.



Will I be able to drive it, will it be too heavy? Yes, you can! You just have to give a driving test! You do not own a delicate darling; you have Rambo in your hands. Armouring any vehicles adds extra weight but then it makes it stable too. You are looking at an additional weight of approximately 150 kg for a car to approximately 700 kg for an armoured SUV.



We know that any car can be bulletproofed, the glasses are safe, it can be used as a regular car also and above all nobody can find out whether its bulletproof car or a regular car. Now, with all the information on armoured vehicles and the safety and security it provides; you are all set to take your security to a higher level. If you are living in a high tension area, then you need not think twice and armour your vehicle and gain your peace of mind, Isn’t it?

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