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Do you know how a car is armoured?

Perhaps, if you think you don’t need an armoured car, think again! Terrorism is engulfing the world. Carjacking and kidnapping are at an all-time high. The world is full of dangerous people and travel could be risky if you are a person of importance or a wealthy businessman. Maybe you live near high tension area where the fear of stray bullets hound you while driving. Whatever your reason is, armouring your car always adds to your security.

In the early days, only high-rank Government officials or wealthy billionaires enjoyed the privilege to own bulletproof vehicles. But now, with the advent of new technologies, owning an armoured car super easy and super simple. Albeit, there are many automobile companies vis. Mercedes-Benz & BMW which are manufacturing armoured cars, still a vast majority of armoured cars in India are modified by specialist companies like JCBL Armoring Solutions. JCBL Armouring Solutions is a quality conscious armoured vehicle manufacturer in India with an experienced team of over 25 years.

How this works ?

Firstly, you need to have a suitable vehicle to armour which has the capacity to withhold additional weight.  The options for armouring the car can be checked from the company providing armouring solutions. The vehicle is brought to the manufacturing facility and stripped off completely every component including seats, carpet, doors, bumper, headliners etcetera. Then the armouring starts!


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The armour, which in most cases is robust ballistic steel, is deployed like a jigsaw puzzle all over the car and underneath without any gaps. In the Armoring scene, glass is often referred as the Transparent Armour. Then bullet proof glasses are fitted in the vehicle. This glass is not a thicker variant of glass usually found in high-end standard cars but is a glass which is composed of polycarbonate and leaded glass. Now again, it all depends on at what level you want to armour your windows. At thinnest pick of 0.8inch, it can stop rounds coming from a standard 9mm Handgun while at the thickest pick of 2.0 inches it can absorb a shot from high-powered 30-06 rifle.


bullet proof car manufacturing process,armouring process, armored vehicle process,how car is armoured

When all the materials are overlapped, then the interior goes back in and the panels go back on. The idea is to keep the vehicle as original-looking and discreet as possible. Even the lightest of Armouring can increase the weight of the car by 500 Kgs. So, therefore, the suspension of the car is completely revamped with New Shockers, Lower Arm, Link Rod, Steering Joints etcetera, which can handle the additional weight of armouring. No change is made to the Engine of the car during the modifications and process of armouring of your vehicle.

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Tires of a car are undoubtedly the most important part of the car because if we have a flat tire then we can’t drive it. Customary flat tires cannot withstand a shot fired from a gun. So, JCBL uses world class run flat system which is approved and successfully passed in all parameters as per Finable Standard. Hutchinson/Rod Guard run-flat devices fitted in all vehicles’ tires making it mobile at a speed of 50kmph for a running of around 50km even if the tire is shot.

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