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Bullet Proof Vehicle: 5 Service Rules You Can't Afford to Miss

Let’s take you to the world of movies for a few minutes, the James Bond film particularly. Even after years, and many series, the highlight of all those action movies remains the classic car chase scene where Mr Bond zooms-off safe and unharmed in his stylish-modern armoured vehicle. Wasn’t it fascinating?


Well, these cars are not only a part of the big screenbut are also available in the real-life. However, the only difference being, without those the well-shot action sequences. Designed by specialized armoured vehicles manufacturers these high-tech wheelers are mainly used in the military, by security agencies or are a mode of transport for politicians, celebrities, and other high-profile personalities. Some of its features include bullet catchers, blast-resistant fuel tanks, emergency exit doors, and more. 


Armoured vehicles are available in variants of standard sedans, SUVs, luxury cars, military trucks and specialized buses. But, unlike the maintenance of any regular four-wheelers, these cars have specific servicing requirements. To start with, you can’t take them to just any neighbourhood automotive parts store or mechanic. Thus, to keep the safety, security and international quality standards of the cars intact, for regular servicing, the recommended approach is to takethemto an authorized servicing dealer. Apart from that, here are the 5 service rules that ought to be followed to maintain the superiority of these best bulletproof vehicles-


  1. Inspect the Tires



The tires of a car carry the whole weight of its body and thus paying extra attention to these four vital ring-shaped rubber components becomes even more critical. Therefore, to ensure these are in perfect condition, a regular check is imperative. For this, periodic inspection of the tire pressure is suggested. Failing to do so will affect the life of the armoured vehicle that you lately bought from the best bulletproof vehicle manufacturer. These inspections are recommended to be carried out within every 10,000 km. Furthermore, after the vehicle covers the distance of around 20,000 to 25000 km, the tires should be replaced. Apart from that, the tire pressure of the front and rear tire should at all time be maintained at 48 PSI.


  1. Get the Wheel alignment checked


 wheel description


When getting the tire pressure of the armoured vehicle checked, it is also essential to get the wheel alignment, and balancing examined. It should be done on a timely basis, i.e. whenever the servicing of the car is due. This basic step will maximize the life of the tires and also increasesmoothness on the road.


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  1. Examine the Brake Pads and clutches



A car without a proper workable break is dangerous not only for the driver but also for others on the road. So, it is vital to be mindful of any creaking noise to identify the signs of a worn-out brake. In case of armoured vehicles, the brake pads require a replacement after every 15000 km. Likewise, the servicing of the hand brake cable should be made a part of the standard maintenance process. Once upgraded, it will perform better and make the drive lighter. With brake pads also comes the check on clutch plate and pressure plate that also require a timely review. However, after the vehicle reaches 30,000 km, replacement of these plates are mandatory.


  1. Monitor your lubricants



To assure the numerous moving parts of the armoured car work smoothly and efficiently lubricating them is integral. Neglecting to do so will create friction, which will thereby, result in overheating of the engine. It will also result in increased fuel consumption. Hence, for exact lubrication details refer to the owner’s manual. However, the best bulletproof vehicle manufacturer suggests the brake oil should be changed when the car reaches 10,000kms or whenever it goes for servicing. Similarly, the engine oil replacement is directed at every 3000 to 5000 km, the gearbox lubrication after 10,000 km, differential oil after 10,000 km, and syntactic oil on every 7500 km.


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  1. Spare part replacement



The armoured vehicles owners need to be careful about appropriately replacing the spare parts of the car. Though these super-tech wheels use high-quality metals and alloys that last long yet after a certain period its components tend to get worn down. Be it the ballistic glass, suspension systems, wheels, tires, etc. all need replacement after a while. So, to maintain the condition of the armoured vehicle, pay close attention to your vehicle’s needs or follow the manual of the automobile. 

Thus, for a long life of the car remember to check the brakes, suspension and tires after 6-12 months; replace the air filters and diesel filter after every 7500 km and carefully inspect the window seals, door hinges and glass delamination after every two years.


So, make a note and schedule the maintenance of your armoured vehicle with an authorized dealer now. Also, share your queries or servicing tips in the comments below and we will get back with expert advice.

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