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9 Myths about Armoured cars

What is your conception/misconception about an armoured vehicle? Have you always believed in your thinking or have you just heard from others about armoured cars? If your knowledge is just limited to what other people say, then my friend it is time to gear up to increase your own knowledge base rather than just be limited to what others say. It is fairly said, “Little knowledge is dangerous!” We all are aware of the fact that the crime is on the rise and approximately 80% to 90% of the terrorist attacks have occurred during road travel. So it is important for us to protect ourself but before that, we need to break the myths that have been carried on from ear to ear—(But Hey! We gotta do what we gotta do, right!)


1. No difference between Bullet Car and Armour Car (No Discrimination……All for CARumanit!)


Before we go any further, we should be clear about our preference— bulletproof car or armoured car. If you thought that both were same or could be used in place of each other, then there is a slight difference which we need to recognize.

  1. Bulletproof car is not bullet-proof, it is bullet-resistant! It depends on the reinforcement of ballistic steel and the type of gunfire shot at the car.
  2. Difference between Bullet-proof and armoured vehicle is that the armoured car is bulletproof with an addition of ammunition for counter-attack.


2. Only for Govt. officials or Rich (That’s right, our Symbiotic Relationship Starts Right here!)



Do you think that bulletproof cars in India are used by politicians and highly influential people? It is just a myth that only politicians and rich people can use them. This has changed over time as the risk level has increased. Anyone can have it with proper license.


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3. The Original car is dismantled (Humans are Humans……And Cars and Cars!)


The original car is definitely dis-mantled but that does not mean that the shape of the car gets disfigured. The car gets torn down to chassis and then the ballistic steel and bulletproof glass is reinforced.  When you receive it, it is same original car just that it comes with extra safety and security.


4. Can be used only in Big Cars (Its some BIGGG Stuff, aint it!)


Yes, it can be used in Big Cars, but this definition does not mean the big size, it refers to the engine! 3.0-litre turbocharged diesel unit or higher can be used as an extra weight of the added armouring stuff increases the weight of the car by approximately 150%.


5. Difficult to manoeuvre in cities (Breaking the 4th Wall HARD!)


Is manoeuvrabilitya question? If yes, then we should break the shackles and learn that it is the same car that you owned earlier and it can be easily maneuvered in any place, outside or inside of the city or the city centres.


6. Windows cannot open (Don’t underestimate us, bro!)




The myth, that the windows cannot open, needs to be busted! The windows can be very well pulled up or down. The glass that is used is often referred to as the Transparent Armour. This glass is composed of polycarbonate and leaded glass. It only rolls up the security levels. Only for security purposes, it is advised to limit the use of windows so that wear and tear can be reduced.


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7. Existing car cannot be armoured (That’s right, we got the gear!)



Do you feel that it’s true that the existing car cannot be armoured? Well, the answer is NO! Existing vehicle can be armoured just that the engine should be 3.0-litre turbocharged!The existing car is stripped off and robust ballistic steel is laid alongwith a bulletproof glass. Then the interior goes back in the same way as the original one. The idea is to keep the vehicle as original-looking and discreet as possible.


8. Very Expensive (It’s not always ‘bout the money, bro!)


There is no denying that they are expensive but not costlier than your life. As the crime has been increased, many armour vehicle manufacturers around the world have come up with many options of creating bulletproof vehicles that are affordable. The cost depends on the level of security required, the ballistic steel and the ammunation.


9. Have to be imported (Desi Maal in the House!)


Well, if you want you can import it but it is not the only option. They are very much made in India and armoured car builders, like JCBL armouring Solutions provide safety and security with perfection in compliance with all the scientific and government requirements.          


Now, that you are knowledgeable about armoured vehicles, you can very well make your own car strong and sturdy protecting you from all attacks! You can also counter-attack according to the area you are living in or your societal commitments. It can take your security to the next level!


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