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Customized Bulletproof Cars: The Latest Trends and Popular Modifications

June 10, 2023 0


The world is constantly evolving, and with it, the security concerns of VIPs, military personnel, and high-profile individuals are changing as well. In such circumstances, owning a bulletproof car is not only a luxury but also a necessity. However, not all bulletproof cars are the same. Every client has different requirements, and customization is the key to meet their demands.Here we will discuss why customized bulletproof cars are important and the latest trends in bulletproof car customization.

Why Customization is Important?

Not all bulletproof cars are created equal, and customization is the key to meet the unique demands of clients. Defence personnel require a different level of protection than VIPs. The level of protection varies depending on the perceived level of threat and the purpose of the vehicle. For example, a VIP may require a lightweight and inconspicuous vehicle that blends in with regular traffic, while military personnel may need a heavily armoured vehicle that can withstand improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and other threats.

Latest Trends in Bulletproof Car Customization

Bulletproof cars are becoming increasingly sophisticated and customized to meet the unique demands of clients. The latest trends in bulletproof car customization include the installation of advanced cameras and GPS tracking systems. Cameras provide real-time surveillance of the vehicle's surroundings, while GPS tracking systems enable the vehicle's location to be tracked in real-time. These features allow the occupants of the vehicle to remain aware of their surroundings and enable them to react quickly to any potential threats.

Another trend is the use of lightweight and high-strength materials such as carbon fiber and Kevlar. These materials provide superior protection while keeping the vehicle's weight to a minimum. This allows for better handling and fuel efficiency, which is important for clients who frequently travel long distances.

Customization Options for Clients

When it comes to customization, clients have a wide range of options to choose from. They can choose the level of protection as per their requirements. Clients can also choose to install additional features in their cars, such as dual door locks, sirens, spotlights, and operational windows with BR glass.

Highly Advanced & Safe Armoured Vehicles

JCBL Armouring Solutions turn ordinary vehicles into armoured vehicles with its expertise in the field. We ensure that the client is getting a high quality product. To ensure the quality of the final product we conduct different tests at various checkpoints. Our team of certified engineers ensure that materials procured for armouring are capable of withstand any attack. 


Customization is the key to meeting the unique demands of clients when it comes to bulletproof cars. The latest trends in bulletproof car customization focus on providing advanced features such as cameras, GPS tracking systems, and lightweight materials to ensure superior protection and ease of use. Clients can choose from a range of customization options such as level of protection, additional features, and run-flat tires to meet their specific requirements. With customization, clients can rest assured that their bulletproof car is tailored to their needs, providing them with the peace of mind they need in today's uncertain world.

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