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Customized Bulletproof Vehicle for Maximum Protection

April 25, 2023 Pankaj Rai 0


In today's uncertain world, many individuals and organizations require maximum protection while on the road. Customized bulletproof vehicles offer the necessary protection, making them an ideal solution for those in need of extra security. As a bulletproof vehicle manufacturer, JCBL Armouring Solutions’ primary focus is to ensure the highest level of safety and security for our clients. We understand that our clients trust us to provide them with a product that can withstand even the most severe threats, and we take this responsibility very seriously. 

When bulletproofing a car, we always adhere to the highest quality standards, using only the best materials and cutting-edge technology to create a product that is both effective and reliable. We take pride in the fact that we think differently from other manufacturers, working closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and tailor our products to meet them. By doing so, we help our clients get the best possible product with higher security, providing them with the peace of mind they need to feel safe and secure on the road. 

Following are some key aspects that we think of while turning an ordinary car into a bulletproof one: 

Protection Level

The level of protection required varies depending on the situation. Customized bulletproof vehicles can be tailored to meet specific needs in terms of protection level. Protection levels range from low-level handgun protection to high-level military-grade protection against explosive devices. Determining the ideal protection level requires an understanding of the potential threats faced by the user.  

Materials We Use

Customized bulletproof vehicles can be manufactured with different types of armoured materials. The choice of material affects the level of protection provided. Common materials used include steel, ballistic fiberglass, and composite materials. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. The choice of material depends on factors such as the level of protection required, vehicle weight, and potential threats. 

Customizing Every Corner

Armoured manufacturing includes armoured body, under-the-bonnet protection, bulletproof glass, run-flat tires, and reinforced suspension. Customization allows for the vehicle to be tailored to meet specific needs. Customization also ensures that the appearance of the vehicle remains unchanged, maintaining the luxury and style of the vehicle. Choosing an armoured vehicle manufacturer with experience in customization can provide the necessary guidance and expertise to create the perfect vehicle.

Testing Facility

The manufacturing process of customized bulletproof vehicles requires rigorous testing to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the vehicle. Our testing facility utilizes advanced technology to test the vehicle's durability and protection against various types of attacks. JCBL Armouring Solutions has a reliable testing facility that is crucial in ensuring the vehicle's quality and effectiveness.


No Compromise on Luxury

Luxury is not compromised when creating customized bulletproof vehicles. Customization options include interior features such as leather seats, entertainment systems, and soundproofing. The appearance of the vehicle remains unchanged, ensuring that the vehicle does not attract unwanted attention. 


Customized bulletproof vehicles offer maximum protection while maintaining luxury and style. Determining the appropriate protection level and armoured material requires consulting with a professional. Customization options ensure that the vehicle meets specific needs while maintaining appearance and luxury. JCBL Armouring Solutions provides a complete customized armoured solution to the customers. Contact us for any query related to armoured vehicles.

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