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10 Aspects of an Armoured Car Everyone Must Know

March 09, 2023 0


In recent years, the use of armoured cars has seen a significant rise in popularity, particularly among high-profile individuals, government officials, and military personnel. This increase in demand can be attributed to the additional layer of protection they provide, making them a valuable investment for those who face potential threats to their safety.

Armoured vehicles are designed to withstand various forms of attacks, including gunfire, explosives, and ramming. The armoured body and reinforced glass provide a safe environment for occupants, even in high-risk situations. The exterior of the car is built with advanced materials such as ballistic steel, which can resist bullets fired from high-calibre weapons.

Inside, the vehicle is equipped with several features that further enhance the safety and security of its occupants. These include reinforced doors, bulletproof windows, and an advanced communication system that allows the occupants to remain in contact with the outside world in case of an emergency. Some models may also include features such as night vision cameras, smoke screens, and run-flat tires that can continue to function even after being punctured by bullets. Let’s reveal ten most important aspects of an armoured car. 

1. Level of Protection (CEN BR)

The level of protection provided by an armoured vehicle is critical and can make all the difference in a dangerous situation. The CEN BR rating system ranges from BR1 to BR7, with BR7 being the highest level of protection. It is important to choose the appropriate level of protection based on the level of threat and the intended use of the vehicle.

2. Armoured Body

The body of an armoured car is made of high-strength steel, which is able to withstand high levels of force. The thickness of the armour can vary depending on the level of protection required. The body is designed to protect the occupants from all sides, including the roof and floor.

3. Run-Flat Tires

Run-flat tires are a critical component of an armoured vehicle. They allow the vehicle to continue moving even after the tires have been punctured or damaged, ensuring that the occupants are not stranded in a dangerous situation.

4. Ballistic Resistance Glass

The glass used in the windows is specially designed to resist ballistic threats. The glass is made of multiple layers of laminated glass and polycarbonate, which are able to stop bullets and other projectiles.


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5. Under the Bonnet Protection

The battery and ECM are essential components of the vehicle and must be protected in case of an attack. They are usually located under the hood of the vehicle and are vulnerable to damage. Therefore, additional protection is added to prevent damage to these components.

6. Enhanced Suspension System

The suspension system of an armoured vehicle is upgraded to handle the additional weight of the armour and provide a smoother ride. The suspension system is also designed to improve handling and stability, ensuring that the vehicle remains controllable even in extreme situations.

7. Upgraded Brake Pad

The brake pads are upgraded to handle the added weight of the vehicle and provide superior stopping power. The brakes are an essential component of the vehicle and must be able to stop the additional weight of the armour.


8. Radiator Protection 

Radiator protection is added if required to prevent damage to the radiator in case of an attack. The radiator is a vulnerable component of the vehicle and can be easily damaged in a ballistic attack.

9. Additional Bullet Catcher

An additional bullet catcher is added to provide extra protection. The bullet catcher is not actually used to catch bullets, but it resists the bullet shots in a way that it can’t damage the armour. 


10. Fuel Tank With Blast Resistant 

The fuel tank is protected by a blast-resistant mild steel sheath to prevent explosions. The fuel tank is a critical component of the vehicle and must be protected in case of an attack. The sheath is designed to prevent the fuel tank from rupturing and causing an explosion.



An armoured vehicle is a critical investment in personal safety and security. It is essential to choose a vehicle with the appropriate level of protection and features to ensure maximum protection in dangerous situations. Upgrading key components such as the suspension system, brakes, and glass can provide additional protection and improve the overall performance of the vehicle. It is important to consult with an expert in bulletproofing to ensure that the vehicle meets all the necessary safety requirements. 

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