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All The Different Vehicle Armouring Levels In India, And How To Decide On The One You Require

Alright, before we get started, there is something that you need to clearly understand. In terms of bulletproof cars, there is not a single vehicle that cannot be defeated with enough firepower. Some might take a lot more punishment than the other, but in the end it comes down to how the vehicle lets you escape rather than just sit there taking bullets. Luxury armoured car manufacturers like BMW would tell you pretty much the same thing. This is the reason why there is a rating for vehicle armour levels that carry different annotations in different parts of the world. For example, the European EN 6 rating is often compared to the American NIJ III but can vary vastly in real life because of different testing parameters.



Still with us? Good, because we are about to explain how that information might be relevant for you. JCBL Armouring Solutions is one of the premiere armoured car manufacturers in India. If you were ever curious enough to go through the specs on the website, you would often observe CEN BR ratings for different cars. This is because India uses a modern version of bullet resistance rating as set by the European Committee for Standardization. CEN stands for Commission Europeenne de Normalisation (European Standards Committee) and BR stands for Bullet Resistance. This is better than its predecessor EN system since it is concerned with the kinetic energy transfer during the impact rather than the type of ammunition and velocity, which covers a broad range of threats like IEDs and artillery. But what are the various bulletproofing levels under this system? Read on to find out.



The above chart is the actual representation of the armouring levels as laid by BR standards. Since it only concerns bullets, it is often used in conjunction with CEN to accurately predict the vehicle armour levels as required. Furthermore, the armoured vehicles are classified into different types depending on the type and weight of the armour involved. Thus, each of these types offer varied protection against any threat and are crucial to know about before you go out to buy one for yourself.


  • Light Armoured Vehicle (LAV)




Light Armoured Vehicles or LAVs have the most basic protection against firearms. These type of vehicles can protect the passengers from multiple rounds from most handguns. This is what most entry-level bulletproof cars consist of since people who buy these don’t come under assault from heavy arms. They are just looking for protection when taking a wrong turn into a bad neighbourhood or just stuck in the middle of a violent riot. As the name suggests, the armour on these vehicles is lighter and more manageable, requiring little to no modification for daily driving. This is also the reason why LAVs are inexpensive as compared to luxury armoured cars.


  • Heavy Armoured Vehicle (HAV)



These are for the ones who are a bit more concerned for their safety. Either they have to trod through warzones or are specifically targeted by well-financed operatives with access to high-powered rifles and armour-piercing rounds. As it is clear from the chart above, the bulletproofing level of such vehicles make them much more heavier than their stock trims, demanding special modifications in the car and dedicated drivers to keep them manoeuvrable. Increase in vehicle armour levels also puts a strain on various comfort systems like climate control and remote key access, which means more expenses for clients who desire those features. That is why the BMW 760Li High Security is so much more expensive than its stock-level 7-series counterparts.


How Do I Decide On The Level Of Protection I Need?


For a first, it is a wise decision to consult an expert in the industry before making your decision. Of course, JCBL Armouring Solutions can do it all for you. Setting your car’s specs, armour levels, choice of features, and delivery date all within a reasonable time frame. Additionally, consider what kind of threats you are worried about. Is there a troubled hotspot on your way to work? A few disgruntled employees seeking revenge? Members of a community you angered who seek to do harm? Be honest and take an objective approach to your current situation.


It should also be noted that the top-level protection is not the best every single time. Low-level protection can be easily repaired and takes away less from your car to operate in a wholesome way. You would be much more vulnerable if you decide to go to an important conference in a regular car because your bulletproof car is in the shop after someone fired a .22 at it and the whole right side panel needs to be replaced. The decision becomes much more important in a country like India where armouring solutions are only becoming mainstream in recent times and there are not a lot of trusted services to go about.




Finally, it pays off long-term to be generous. That is not for charity, but for your own safety. You should never cheap out on the bulletproofing level of your car. Your life and the lives of your loved ones should be much more important than a sum of money. Considering the uncertain times that we live in, it is better to take precautions than to lament in the aftermath of a tragedy. Sure, premiere services can charge a lot more, but also prove to be a safer alternative to your run-of-the-mill garages. Investment into safety is one of the best investments you can make, certain for the fact it might mean the difference between escaping a dangerous situation to, well, we shudder to think otherwise.


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