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Why Everyone Loves Toyota Fortuner Bulletproof Car?

Sports Utility Vehicle or SUVs are a popular and a growing category of passenger cars in India. In fact, in the last few years, these wheels have seen a consistent demand because of its utility factor and features like ruggedness, space, safety, and of course, stunning looks. 


However, amongst the array of cars available in this segment, there is one in particular that has unwaveringly risen the popularity charts. Moreover, it is also one of the highest-selling premium SUV in the country. If you haven’t guessed it yet, it is none other than the Toyota Fortuner. The automobile enjoys the goodwill of brand Toyota and is available in variants of both petrol and diesel and offers every feature that makes for a safe and comfortable drive. But, for those who require an added element of protection, they can easily get this SUV converted into a bulletproof version, offering an extra edge of robustness, build-quality and safety.


The bulletproof car of the Toyota Fortuner weighs approximately 3100 kilograms as compared to the 1800 kilograms of the regular form, which takes the security factor to an altogether different level. Besides, it has auxiliary supported run-flat fittings in all vehicle’s tyres, including the spare one that ensures on providing the owner with an impressive level of confidence. Also, the robust door pillars and posts with barricaded door travel retainers provide an extra layer of a shield to all four sides. The highly rigid armoured SUV has additional enhancements like the blast-resistant mild steel fuel tank sheath, supplementary bullet catcher, and large overlaps on door frames that make it a tough SUV in all aspects.


The Toyota Fortuner has since its launch in India, in 2009, seen constant improvements such as engine power, interiors, brake pads, etc. from its makers. This has contributed towards its superior performance, unquestionable dependability and growing acceptance. 


The SUV ticks all the right boxes when it comes to fulfilling the various requirements of an automobile- daily commute in the city or a smooth out-of-town drive, comfort and, above all, extra safety with its armoured gadgets. 


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Overall, the Fortuner is available in six different variants and can be called a safe-house on wheels. With exceptional after-sales service, resale values, and its bulletproof car manufacturers offering tweaks and personalised armouring as per requirements, this car came, conquered and is here to stay. 



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