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The future of armoured technology for vehicles

Motor vehicles have, over the years, played a significant role in movies. From the high-tech, heavily armored cars that cruise around the town in Hollywood movies such as Star Wars, James Bond, Batman Begins, and The Fast and the Furious, to being incorporated in the climax of Bollywood flicks like Singham and Golmaal. These specialized categories of wheels add thrill and glitz to the films.


As exciting as they seem while firing and ducking bullet shots in reel life, in real life too, these cars come loaded with essential and sophisticated features that provide superior safety. Mainly the wheels of celebrities, government and political officials, business people, the secret service, the military, and even criminals, these cars can be owned by anyone who supposes a threat to their lives. 


A few highlights of the state-of-the-art armoured cars include- 

  • Durability, i.e. the ability to protect its occupants from bullets, bombs, and different means of attack.
  • Subtlety which makes these cars blend in with other vehicles so that no one knows of them being armoured.
  • Style and innovation are also an essential aspect of these vehicles as these cars are the owner’s pride. Thus, armoured vehicle manufacturers design and customize the cars for the owners. From the steering wheel controls, long-lasting seat covers, sensors parking options, everything is personalized as per the requirements. 


Therefore, apart from the basic specifications like bulletproofing a car, ballistic protection, and firewall security, this domain is continuously evolving to fulfil its primary purpose of providing security while being stylish and sophisticated. Hence, today, let’s look at the future for armoured technology for vehicles


  • Hybrid engines engine- armouring future technology.png


Armoured combat vehicles have traditionally been gas guzzlers, and thus, the need to find an alternative to boost fuel security was imperative. Hence, many companies are researching on solutions to implement green technologies for future vehicles with hybrid tanks. Such vehicles use two sources of energy- the electrical motors along with the diesel drivetrain. The latter can support propulsion in case the generator requires power for the battery bank. This advanced system will enable armoured automobiles rely less on fuel and the costly logistical processes. Hybrid cars can also provide power to additional devices such as onboard sensors and defensive systems. 


  • Weapons

 laser equipped vehicles


From manual guns to automated turrets, the future of armoured vehicles will include remote weapon systems. This method will enable combat vehicle operators to locate and shoot at targets while inside the vehicle and thereby staying protected. Furthermore, as all ammunition will be connected to a hub, it will also facilitate rapid-firing of cannons, co-axial machine guns, and self-loading shotguns to grant the upper hand in case of an ambush.


Under weapons, laser is another category that can be a part of the armouring vehicles in the near future. Lasers offer several advantages over conventional weapons such as no requirement of heavy ammunition resupplies and reduced logistics costs. Moreover, laser-equipped vehicles would additionally be able to autonomously target, track, and disable targets with a directed beam of energy. It will also be apt for shooting down enemy cannons, artillery rockets, and bombs travelling at high speeds.


  • Tyres 



Tyres are a prime target of an armoured vehicle as firing on them can immobilize even the sturdiest automobiles. Over the years, a lot of innovations have taken place on this part of the car, from reducing the interior vehicle noise level by almost half to attaching a foam ring to the inner surface of the tyre for comfort. 


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Thus, designing and upgrading them is a process that will always need attention, especially for armoured vehicles. For these cars, the tyres have to withstand any attack and stay on run-flats. Such tyres can usually travel for 50-100 Km, depending on road conditions and without the tyre slipping on the rim. This distance is considered adequate to reach a safe zone before the rims give in.


Therefore, having a sturdy quartet set is vital for a vehicle to escape at high speed, or complete its mission with one or all tyres flat. Also, numerous manufacturers are finding innovative ways to increase the distance and reduce the immediate brunt on them by experimenting with advanced components. 


Airless tyres are a new technology that many corporations are testing. These tyres are impervious to punctures and have an outer tread that absorbs the force of the road. They are also said to use less rubber and possibly last up to three times longer than traditional tyres. Recyclable tyres are also expected to gain popularity in the coming years. 


  • Smoke Screen

 Smoke Screen for armoured cars


Let’s come from the tyres to the visuals now. The latest effort is to install a machine that creates a smokescreen or cloud through a smoke generator. This machine can evaporate volatile materials like oil or an oil-based mixture, combining it with the external air for it to condense to a mist with a controlled droplet size. This high-tech improvement will safeguard the owner from even high-grade attacks.


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  • Seating

 Seating-future armoured technology


The futuristic development of biometric seats is underway to unwind the people using the armoured car. The new seating system will take the occupants’ biometric measurements and intelligently change the seating position accordingly. For instance, upright to improve alertness, cushioning for relaxation, etc. 


The armoured vehicles with futuristic, innovative technology will ensure the cars are sturdy, robust, and comfortable for any drive. The advanced development in this area of engineering is all set to transform both safety and design of the automobiles that is primarily purchased for security purposes. The high-tech vehicles are glamour and glory residing in the sleek, beautiful sheet metal exterior whilst protecting their occupants from any imminent danger. 


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