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What factors make the Toyota Vellfire most suitable as an armoured vehicle?

With a luxury sedan package uniquely dressed as a Multi-Purpose Vehicle(MPV),  the Toyota Vellfire seems like everything you could want from an opulent ride. Top of the line feature, lots of space for cargo and passengers alike, and an ingenious new powertrain to boast of, this is a combination few other cars can match. However, there is one more aspect to this wonderful automobile that makes it a great premium vehicle choice. That is its prowess among luxury bulletproof vehicles.


In recent years, armoured cars in India have become more common as people are starting to realize their significance as a safety asset. You could find a lot of armoured car manufacturers that have come up with a wide variety of safety features for regular vehicles. Although most people think of large-sized SUVs when it comes to bulletproof vehicles, the Vellfire stands to challenge that notion as the ultimate car you may ever need. While the luxury speaks for itself, there are other factors that make it the perfect candidate for the job. How so? Well, let’s take a closer look to find out.


  • Perfect Balance Of Luxury And Safety



Safety is always a priority with Toyota. In addition to the exquisite interiors of the Vellfire, it also come with a comprehensive Safety Sense package that makes it safer to drive on Indian roads. Other additions such as better brake pads and upgraded suspension don’t need a lot of modifications to put in. Most armoured cars in India are rarely the preferred vehicles of the owners since they are infamous for being uncomfortable. Not so with the Toyota Vellfire. Even with the armour on, there are very few features that you need to take out to secure the vehicle. Meaning you can still enjoy your favourite movies on the 13-inch LED touchscreen even when your route goes along a bad neighbourhood.


  • Ideal MPV Design



As an MPV, the Toyota Vellfire comes with large side-opening doors and window frames with mostly single piece components. This means that armouring the car is pretty straightforward. Large doors can take up heavy armour without compromising functionality and the large windows can incorporate thick BR glass without any machining required. The process is not only faster but the Vellfire’s chassis makes it capable to have a higher level armour protection without too many modifications. The MPV design is also subtle, making it easier to blend into normal traffic, as the casual eye can easily confuse it for a KIA Carnival or a Mercedes-Benz V-Class.


  • An Armoured Car To Relax In


Let’s be honest, when you’ve just arrived at the airport off business class or your private jet, you want a better car than the airport cab to stretch your legs in. This is a role most luxury bulletproof vehicles have to fulfill.  The Vellfire is just the car for it. With electronically-adjustable reclining seats and a high-end JBL audio system having ambient noise cancellation, this MPV provides the perfect environment to stave off your jet lag while on the move.


  • Focus On The Passenger



Armoured cars in India are rarely operated by the owners themselves, as they usually have a chauffeur ready for the job. As such, there should be a lot more focus on the passengers instead of the drivers. This is where the Toyota Vellfire really shines. While the driver is not left completely out of the loop, the passenger compartment is where the comforts are focused. A large interior space can call for additional security measures as per the client’s requirements. This focus is also the reason why the passenger space has more airbags than the front seats.


  • Always Ready To Go



Luxury bulletproof vehicles focus more on being on the move to become effective. It is imperative to get the vehicle out of a hostile area instead of staying and taking punishment. That is where the Vellfire has the advantage over pure petrol/diesel cars. Being an MPV, the Vellfire can operate solely on the dual electric motors even if the main engine is compromised. This can provide a way out should a tight situation calls for it. The electric motors are beneath the chassis and hidden from a any direct gunfire, making them more secure. Moreover, the large wheel arches can ease the installation of wider tread bullet-resistant tyres.


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All in all, the Toyota Vellfire is a considerable upgrade on large sedans or SUVs that usually follow the armoured car trends in India. It is large, maneuoverable, and packs a lot of luxury to make the life easier for the passengers. While many people might be put away from the price bracket, which to be honest is already too high even before any armour upgrades are put in place. Nevertheless, it is certainly worth the price. This armoured car is both comfortable and can potentially save your life, which is something you could never put a price on.

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