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Top Five Definitive Ways Determining The Best Care To Keep Your Fortress On Wheels Secure

Bulletproof cars serve a rather special purpose that most other vehicles cannot. Keeping you and your loved ones safe during a trip requires a lot of planning and preparation, especially if there are some negative elements out there that wish to do you harm. Putting up certain modifications to a regular car can really mean the difference between life and death, letting you walk away from a situation that you might not otherwise be prepared for. As the armour piles up on these vehicles, some other modifications are also needed to keep the vehicle in control. This makes repairing armoured cars a much more complex method than that for regular cars.


Needless to say, armoured vehicle maintenance is an aspect you should not ignore when riding in one. Just like any regular car, it is a part of ensuring that the vehicle will not fail you when you least want it to. It should also be considered that such vehicles can be in situations that can prove life-threatening for the occupants, making their maintenance needs even more imperative. As such, here are some of the definitive ways that keep your fortress on wheels rolling without compromising your security.


  • Fill Your Car Up With Essential Fluids



Any engine requires the occasional top of fluids. Given that armoured vehicles carry a lot more weight than regular ones owing to the armour, there is a lot more stress on the engine that can increase its wear over time. Thus, JCBL Armouring Solutions recommends that you change the engine oil of your armoured vehicle every 3000-5000 Km. The oils for the brake lines, differential, and gearbox shall be changed every 10,000 Km. Ensure the oil put in is fluid and reflects the ratings according to the parts since it is likely that certain parts have been swapped out for better performance.


  • Don’t Forget Repairs For Handling



Because of the added weight, armoured vehicle maintenance calls for the upkeep of handling parts more often than run-of-the-mill cars. The brake pads grind out quicker and the suspension has a lot more work to do when encountering speed bumps. That is why JCBL recommends changing the brake pads every 15,000 Km. The tyres also bear a lot of loads, so it is best to have the wheel alignment checked every time the car goes for service. Every 10,000 Km., a check for tyre wear is  warranted with a mandatory replacement of each set after 25,000 Km.


  • Work On Reducing Engine Loads



The engine and transmission handle a lot of load during the operation of an armoured car. Therefore, it is important to keep a close eye when inspecting under the hood. That too, as often as possible. The timing belt and tensioner should be replaced every 10,000 Km. As for the filters, it is best to replace Diesel and air filters every 7500 Km, since they draw in a lot more charge than what is normally required. When repairing armoured cars, valve cleaning is also an easily ignored aspect, which should be done every 15,000 Km along with a valve timing check.


  • Never Leave Electrical Systems Out Of Maintenance



In today’s digital age, when most cars that are made bulletproof have complex electrical systems, this is something that is often left out by manufacturers when it comes to repairing armoured cars. Regular battery checks are obvious, but more advanced systems like ABS sensors and camera systems should also be calibrated. Most cars today have ECUs that can be easily accessed by a laptop. This enables a proper mapping of more nuanced functions like throttle response and ignition timing.


  • Seek A Warranty To Keep Yourself Assured



Since armoured vehicles have the potential to go through a lot of punishment, warranty is not something that is offered by many manufacturers. However, JCBL Armouring is not one of them. Armoured vehicle warranty is something that we wholeheartedly endorse. We are committed to making you trust your car to get out of precarious scenarios when you least expect them. That is why JCBL Armouring Solutions offers a standard armoured vehicle warranty  of 2 years, or 40,000 Km, whichever comes earlier. This applies to the repair or replacement of all warranty-related parts during that time frame.


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With the rise in the use of armoured cars in recent years, stuff like repairing armoured cars and maintenance is becoming more commonplace. Although there are a lot of manufacturers with bold claims related to the safety of their vehicles, you should know that keeping the vehicle in the best condition is critical. These vehicles often ferry people that can be targeted without any prior warning signs. When attacked, the best job an armoured car can do is get out of the situation as quickly as possible. That can only be possible if the vehicle is cared for, not neglecting even the smallest of systems in place. That can be tough for armoured vehicles, as we have learned, although choosing JCBL Armouring Solutions might lighten the stress for you a lot in the long run.

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