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The Future Of Vehicles: More Private Cars Looking At Bulletproof Options

When buying a new car, most of us examine the features and rely on the brand that makes its steel body and engines. Rightly so, these two things are critical when buying an automobile for private use. However, did you ever think of upgrading the same vehicle to a high-tech armoured or a bulletproof car? Maybe not, mainly because this concept is new to India.


In fact, the reality is that many specialized companies in the country can turn your regular vehicle into an armoured fortress on wheels. But, not many civilians think about it primarily because of two misconceptions-bulletproof cars are for a certain category-politicians, industrialists, and rich and famous people, and the other being it can only be tailored for them.


But going by the stats, this is actually not the case in India. In fact, it is similar to the global trend mentioned in an October 2019 article in Bloomberg that states worldwide there are around 200,000 to 300,000 armoured vehicles on the streets, with Brazil leading with the highest per capita number globally. In India, as per a 2019 AFP report, the annual worth of bulletproof cars market in India was $150 million (roughly ₹1,000 crores), and it continues to witness a double-digit growth.


Also, the demand to buy private bulletproof cars since the last year has steadily increased. According to experts, this is because of an adverse effect of the COVID-19 pandemic. As there has been a slowdown in business and unemployment have massively increased, the senior management as a precautionary measure are looking to protect themselves and their families from possible employee threats and rage by upgrading to an armoured vehicle.


Thus, today, we bring you some pointers that can turn any car into a private armoured vehicle-


  • Bulletproof Glass:




This is one the most critical component when bullet-proofing a car. The glass installed is made from a specialized plastic called polycarbonate material and lead, and the diameter varies as per protection required. The thinnest option available is 3/4-inch, which shields from 9mm handgun shots while the thickest is of 2-inch glass which can stop a shot from a high-powered rifle. Also, bulletproof glasses are very different from the conventional glass used in standard cars; these have multiple layers of tough glass.


  • Tires



Tires are another target point of attack, especially during a bullet strike. Once a shot is fired at them, it can easily penetrate and damage the tires for the assailants to cause harm. Hence, upgrading them with a high-quality, sturdy material becomes integral when converting a regular automobile to a protective bulletproof car. There are a few options available for the owners in this area- the first being, self-supporting or self-sealing run-flat tires that provisionally carries the weight of the car under lower tire pressure. The other option is the support ring system that uses a superior rim of hard rubber or another structure to support the vehicle’s weight in case of air loss.


  • Engine



Though these days, the latest large sedans and SUV’s already come equipped with heavy engines and can take an extra load of nearly a handgun bullet that adds around 400 pounds to the current weight of the car yet checking the engine power is crucial when bullet-proofing a vehicle.


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  • Doors & Body



The car’s body, interior and exterior, can be encased with a ballistic standard steel-plated cover and fabrics. To protect the doors, they use steel plates usually used to make bulletproof vests. The material is a combination of ballistic nylon and Kevlar, or sometimes both. However, this might make the doors heavy, but adding a third hinge can tackle this problem. Also, extending the front can increase the shock bumper and effectively absorb crash, collision and an attack.


Thus, some minor modifications are all it’s needed to upgrade a private car from a regular vehicle into an armoured wheel. But, while doing so, always remember that the tweaks made should not be evident, and the automobile should look unmodified, inside and out. Furthermore, the structure should be able to withstand the additional weight and still perform well.


So, will you consider converting your car into an armoured vehicle? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

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