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Top 5 Ways An Armoured Skin Helps To Improve Your Existing Luxury Vehicle

October 06, 2021 0

Let us dwell into the star-studded, highly opulent world of luxury vehicles. From the calm and collective Mercedes-Benz S-Class to the awe-inspiring Rolls-Royce Phantom, there are so many of these around that many wealthy individuals often keep multiple rides in the garage just in case they get bored of their regular wheels. From automatic massaging seats to automatic lighting and music for the right mood, it seems that there are few things such vehicles can’t do. To that end, bulletproof luxury vehicles certainly try to fit the bill.


Luxury armoured vehicle manufacturers give it their best to keep the safety and comfort of their vehicles in balance. Of course, it is a Herculean feat to curate that specifically for each client. That is why bulletproof cars prices soar when you take in luxury in the mix. Still, that can be money well spent for a reason. Actually, six reasons. The first one is the obvious safety benefit. For the rest, let’s take a deeper look under the hood, or should I say the ballistic steel, of the luxury cars that benefit with a bullet proofing treatment.


  • Buttoning Up Weak Points



Most luxury vehicles are so focused on providing their passengers a five-star hotel treatment that they forget about many of the soft spots that any assailant can use to disable the car. Giving your car an armoured treatment ensures that these soft spots are no longer, well, soft. Bulletproof luxury vehicles undergo various processes like installing armour fitments for the engine and battery, gaining reinforced door hinges, and equipping run-flat tyres.


  • Improving Handling Characteristics



Most luxury cars don’t boast much about their handling characteristics. A few like the Bentley Continental GT are quick on steering but all others handle like a school bus. Just ask the chauffeurs who drive them day in, day out. Adding on armour weight throws such cars even more off-balance. That is why luxury armoured vehicle manufacturers are keen on upgrading stuff like the brakes and suspension to give a more sporty feel to the car, making them more nimble and able to get out of prickly situations in a jiffy.


  • Swifter Maintenance Cycles



Regular maintenance is not something you need to bother about when driving a luxury liner on wheels. However, regular checkups ensure that all systems of the car perform flawlessly, something that becomes much more serious when you’re considering an armoured vehicle. Thankfully, premium armoured car manufacturers like JCBL Armouring Solutions keep a close check on the service history of your luxury vehicle along with shorter maintenance intervals that keep your car in top shape every time you take a drive. Furthermore, they also offer warranty on all major systems, keeping all your car parts in order for your travels.


  • Better Off-Road Performance



You would never think of taking a luxury sedan like the Audi A8 off the well-built tarmac, let alone along a muddy road through the grassland. That thought can soon find itself out of your mind when there’s an ambush and your car is taking small arms fire. To cope up with such a scenario, many manufacturers put in heavy-duty suspensions and reinforce the chassis. The vehicle is also equipped with more durable run-flat tyres that keep the car going even on coarse surfaces for miles. Yes, the paintjob may be susceptible to a bit of degradation, but keep in mind that your life is much more valuable than a few pints of metallic paint.


  • More customization, less paperwork



You might be wondering, “Well, many automobile manufacturers already give out an armoured version of their high-end luxury vehicles. Why should I approach an armouring specialist?” Good question, the answer to which is one word: customization. The bulletproof cars price you pay for your ride can easily fetch you an armoured vehicle that you can specifically customize to your needs. JCBL Armouring Solutions can assist with fitting equipment like defensive systems, run-flat tyres, and emergency escape hatches along with a wide range of comfort features that you can’t ask from BMW or Audi without a hefty fee to balance it out. Moreover, since the armouring process is kept off the books for security purposes, the customizations need not see the light of day. This avoids questions from the authorities, especially in India where customizing a vehicle is borderline illegal.


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With so many benefits that come with armouring your luxury vehicle, it can prove a great deal for more than just safe travels. Although, you should be wary of the kind of armoured manufacturer you choose for your car’s bullet proofing services. For best deals and quality, always choose the one that has both a seal of approval from official government bodies and a clientele that boasts highly of its services. The most premium ones like JCBL Armouring Solutions can even fetch you great deals on armour packages and help draw out warranty plans without much hassle.

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