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How Armouring The Toyota Innova Crysta Reaps The Best Benefits As A Bulletproof Vehicle

September 15, 2021 Karan 0

When considering bulletproof cars in India, there is somewhat of a reverence around luxury vehicles. Most people think that armouring up luxury vehicles is easy and that many would facilitate the process since most manufacturers come out with the armoured versions of their prized inventory anyways. This is nothing more than a common myth. In fact, luxury armoured vehicles provide a challenge for armoured car manufacturers as they tend to use up most of the space for tech gizmos and opulent add-ons, which are hard to shrug off when you want to bolster hundreds of kilograms of ballistic steel.


So, it seems the ideal vehicle is something that has a lot of space, provides decent comfort to all occupants, and can be driven along without feeling like a school bus. Enter the MUV (Multi-Utility Vehicle) segment or, more specifically, the armoured Toyota Innova Crysta. As a car that has held its throne as the best-selling MUV in India for decades, this seems like the perfect fit for the job. However, with all the armoured Safaris and Land Rovers around, you might be thinking, “Well, what makes this one such a great bullet proof vehicle?” So was I. And here are the reasons that hold the definitive answer.


  • Unmatched Reliability


Let’s be real here, you’re not going to trust a bulletproof car if it isn’t reliable. If there is one thing that makes that Toyota badge shine, it is the superb reliability of their vehicles. The Innova Crysta is no different. This is a car famous in the country for its rugged build, with some vehicles going for years without needing so much as a new battery. The armoured Toyota Innova proves to be a robust vehicle in that regard, swallowing up miles without degrading performance, making it an excellent choice for both long and short trips.


  • Plenty Of Room For Bulletproof Additions


As stated earlier, heavy armour needs space to be properly installed. And that is plentiful in the Innova Crysta. The thick doors do away with the automated nonsense that many other MUVs suffer from, making them easier to remove and modify for better protection. Unlike most other luxury armoured vehicles, the Toyota Innova has thick floor boards that can house blast-proof sheaths. The chassis is a body-on-frame structure with many vacant cavities to allow for even more reinforcement.


  • An Engine To Carry The Extra Load


With so much weight of the armour, one would wonder if the engine is able to cope. No such worries with the Toyota Innova Crysta. Its 2.4-litre inline-4 engine may seem tiny, but it packs a 360 Nm punch, enough to feel quick on the throttle with additional armour fitments in place and all the seats occupied. When opting for the smooth 6-speed automatic transmission, this is one armoured car that feels like an absolute joy to drive, something really hard to pull off for a 3.5-ton vehicle.


  • A Superb All-In-One Functional Package


The amazing suspension and ample ground clearance also play an important role in making the Toyota Innova Crysta the ideal armoured vehicle for Indian roads. Taking into account the road conditions of the country, these are the features that come really handy for the situations that you need a quick escape from. Add to that ABS, vehicle stability control, and hill-start assist and you have a car that can conquer any land that lays ahead.


  • Extra Features To Assist With The Armoured Vehicle


Nothing can compliment an armoured vehicle more than the features that add to its toughness. To its credit, the Toyota Innova Crysta does provide a lot of those, most of them even being standard across the board. Stuff like jam protection for windows, heat rejection glass, tyre pressure monitoring system, and pitch and bounce control go a long way in securing your travels. These are the things that you won’t find even in the most premium bulletproof cars in India.


The base trim of the Toyota Innova Crysta has a price tag of INR 16.82 lacs ex-showroom, which is lower than most other luxury MUVs like the Kia Carnival and even the baseline luxury crossovers like the Audi Q3. Considering the value you get for the money, this vehicle is no doubt a steal. Keeping the features that you get with it, a bulletproof Toyota Innova Crysta can prove to the ace vehicle for all your needs, ready to roll whether it is an important executive-level meeting or a simple family getaway.

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