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How safe are Armoured Vehicles ?

Is Safety of Armoured Vehicle a myth or fiction
Is Safety of Armoured Vehicle a myth or fiction


With great power comes great responsibility and so is their security

Security of high-rank officials can be equalled with the security of the entire country. And it is undoubtedly one of the biggest concerns for the state officials. Recent news claim that  80% to 90% terrorist attacks occur when the victims are in automobiles. So, the fact is that the security of officials alone cannot ensure the safety of their lives. It is the security of where they live, where they travel which has to be given importance. 

Armouring of vehicles has become quite popular due to increasing rate of crime in the country. Armoured vehicles are made up of partial or fully bulletproof material for the security of high-rank government officials. But the actual question that arises is about the safety of Armoured vehicles. Are they really safe? Can they really safeguard from attacks to the extent that the company promises it would ? Is the safety of armoured vehicles a reality or fiction ? Let us have a look.

Armoured vehicles are reinforced with (bulletproof) 5 to 6 armoured steel and fitted with bullet-proof glass and run-flat tires (which can clock top speed even when they are deflated). Some vehicles may also have incorporated radar system to detect incoming missiles fired from hand-held rocket launchers. All this alleviate the threatening situations. By all this, vehicles have the ability to protect anything valuable or a person inside them.


Bulletproof Glass


Moreover, vehicles are made with different protection levels as demanded by the customers. Gunshots on the glass do not break it, as it is made of several layers which have low tension on the surface so that the ballistics may not rupture or break it upon contact. All the components are such to keep away from a threat. 

It is built in such a way that any difference cannot be detected from inside or outside of the vehicle. The idea is to keep the vehicle as original looking as possible. It looks just the same after bulletproofing as it looked prior to it. 

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So now the time is for the actual question that arises! Are armoured vehicles really safe? Yes, they are not only safe in themselves but also keep other people to travel stress-free and evade from violent situations.



JCBL Armouring Solutions is one of the leading armoured vehicle manufacturer in the country with an experience of over 25 years specialising in engineering, design, prototype and manufacturing of armoured cars and vehicles. JCBL deploys the latest cutting edge technology thoroughly tested in-house and by independent testing. Moreover, JCBL Armouring Solutions is also TUV & ISO 9001: 2008 approved manufacturing facility with extensive experience in developing and designing bulletproof military vehicles, Troop Carriers, Security Vehicles for government official/ministers, Elections Campaign Vehicle and bulletproof SUV. 

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