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Top 10 Most Common Terms Used In Context Of Armoured Vehicles And What They Actually Mean

October 30, 2021 Karan 0

The basic purpose for any language is to communicate ideas among individuals, letting them know what the other one is thinking and process to discuss the matter until a conclusion is reached. However, there are some people who might disagree strongly with that notion, choosing instead to physically assault you with weapons. That tendency has been on the rise for a while now, so many level-headed individuals are seeking bulletproof car manufacturers in the country to assist them and see what armoured vehicles for sale might be available.

However, you can never be expected to be an expert in such a unique field unless you have a deep passion for weapons and studying on how to resist them. There is a huge variety of armoured cars in India mostly associated with politicians and celebrities. Now that many well-to-do business owners and activists seek protection from less-than-friendly people, the customer base has largely expanded. As such, it might be a good idea to get yourself acquainted with some of the most common terms used in context of armoured vehicles in India.


  • BR Glass

No, it is not the glass you find at your nearest ‘Baskin Robbins’; it stands for ‘Bullet Resistant’. The car windows are one of the most vulnerable points of attack. That is why many bulletproof car manufacturers often include BR glass as a standard for their vehicles across the board. Made with layers of a hard polymer sandwiched between the glass panes, BR glass is made up of various layers, the thickness of which determine the level of protection.


  • Rounds


‘Rounds’ is just another name for bullets. It is a military slang that is often used to denote the amount of ammunition in any case. A 30-round mag means that the magazine is capable of holding 30 bullets in the magazine. For many assault rifles like the AK-47, the 30-round magazine is standard, although modifications exist to extend that to 38, 45, 60 or even a 100-round drum magazine. The higher the round count, the higher armouring level is required to resist it.


  • Armour Piercing(AP) Ammunition


AP or Armour Piercing is the type of ammunition that is specifically designed to beat lower armouring levels. In most cases, such ammunition may be equipped with depleted uranium or tungsten carbide to increase the chance of penetration. Say, if a CEN BR4 level armour can withstand a blow from a .357 magnum, then you may need CEN BR6 level armour to withstand the impact of the same gun using AP ammunition. Such type of ammunition is extremely rare and often custom-made for every bullet type.


  • Incendiary Ammunition

Pic Credits: American Speciality Ammunition


Unlike AP ammunition that goes for hardness, incendiary ammunition uses the element of fire to its advantage. Incendiary ammunition saw wide use during World War 1 when phosphorous was used to fill bullet casings. Nowadays, compounds like aluminium oxides, zirconium powder, or magnesium salt are used in such ammunition. They are often used for disruptive purposes against armoured vehicles, such as overheating the engine or damaging the suspension.


  • Kevlar


Kevlar is a type of plastic that has seen widespread use in body armour for armies across the world. Armoured cars in India often use Kevlar as floor panels and for panel coverings to add an extra layer of protection. When a bullet hits Kevlar, it retracts and absorbs the kinetic energy from it, either stopping the bullet entirely or rendering it harmless for the human body. Kevlar also has insulating properties, making it effective against fire hazards as well.


  • Ballistic Steel

Pic Credits: SSAB


Unlike normal steel, ballistic steel is both hot and cold treated to withstand impact of bullets. It is tough, bendable, long-lasting, and weldable, making it suitable for a wide variety of armouring applications. Its thickness determines the armouring level of a bulletproof car. Many times, the entire body is stripped down to its basic components so that ballistic steel can be installed in the car.


  • Full Metal Jacket


Full metal jacket or FMJ ammunition consists of a soft core (mostly lead) which has a outer covering of a hard metal, usually copper, nickel, or steel alloys. Such a bullet is lighter than regular ammunition, allowing for greater muzzle velocity. The faster the bullet, the more kinetic energy it has that allows it to possess a higher penetration power.


  • Bullet Catcher


Unlike the nomenclature, bullet catcher does not actually ‘catch’ the bullet in mid-air. Rather, it is a reinforced structure installed in most window panes or doors of an armoured vehicle. This helps with the sudden impact of the bullet, absorbing it so that it doesn’t get transferred to the door or window, making them the fast-moving threat you have to deal with instead of the bullet.


  • Sniper Rifle


A sniper rifle is a type of gun specifically designed to take down targets from a long range. These are usually expensive, long, heavy, and have a slower rate of fire than other guns. Most sniper rifles are bolt-action, meaning you have to manually insert a bullet into the chamber every time you fire. However, sniper rifles are most potent since they have deadly accuracy and use high-powered ammunition that is capable of penetrating most armour levels.


  • HEAT


‘HEAT’ stands for ‘High-Explosive Anti-Tank’, a warhead specially designed to destroy armoured targets. If you ever find yourself at the business end of this bad boy, you have really messed with some serious individuals as HEAT is primarily obtained through military issue. It uses two charges instead of one to chew through vehicle armour. Only the toughest and most expensive armoured vehicles for sale can withstand the impact from one of these.


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And that concludes our little lesson about the common terms used in the world of armoured vehicles. You might now be more comfortable talking to a security consultant about the kind of armouring you want on your daily driver. Remember, there is no vehicle that cannot be penetrated or disabled with enough firepower, and no amount of money can ever amount to the means that would get you out of a dangerous situation that you may find yourself in.

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