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Top Six Factors That Can Help You Choose The Right Armoured Vehicle Manufacturer In India

May 11, 2021 Karan 0

With all that is happening around the world, it might be wise to think of something like an armoured SUV, especially if you possess ample resources that many others could potentially attempt to seize. However, you might be in a confusing state as to which armoured car manufacturer should you contact that can deliver you the ride that perfectly suits your needs. After all, it Is not that widespread of an industry in India and has only recently gained enough ground to accommodate thousands of private individuals alongside government leaders and rich executives.


In light of the situation, it may be a step in the right direction to consider a few factors before choosing your ideal bulletproofing solution in India. Different armouring agencies vary in their services and costs. Thus, they can yield a different result for your choice of vehicle. To find which one is best suited for you, here is a brief list of the top six factors you should consider that will help you choose the right armoured vehicle manufacturer for yourself.


  • Planning And Consultation



Before you decide on your next armoured car, it is best to first analyze the situation and talk to an expert. There are many armoured car manufacturers out there that simply fit every car they come across with the same level of armour, without considering the needs of the client. Of course, you wouldn’t need the same level of protection as the president of the United States, but you need to go along your daily life comfortable in the fact that your car can handle any prickly situation that arises. Customized manufacturers, like JCBL Armouring Solutions, are always a good bet. Not only do they help you understand the nature of the threat but can also customize the car in such a way that it doesn’t feel like driving around in a geyser all day long.


  • Govt-Approved Services



This is absolutely essential. It is best to check the credentials of any corporation that offers bulletproofing solutions in India. In a country like ours, this industry has limited regulation and there are several informal garages masquerading as armoured vehicle manufacturers that offer little to no help in terms of bulletproofing your car. However, several agencies within the Indian government have certificates to verify the legitimacy of armoured car manufacturers within the country. Take JCBL Armouring Solutions, a premiere manufacturer in the industry with approval from ISO, TUV, and DRDO in regards to their services. These can be regarding the manufacturing processes, quality of armour, warranty services, and much more. Before choosing to lighten your wallet, you should always check what certifications are held by the company in question.


  • Analyzing Long-Term Clientele



Before you get your own vehicle, always look at the manufacturers history and review the clientele they have served in the past. Although you might not get an exact list, since most of such information is confidential, yet you can look up the list of agencies such as law enforcement and private firms that have put up an order for armoured cars before you. This helps legitimize a manufacturer since if those organizations never had a major problem until now, there is a certainty that you won’t either. JCBL Armouring Solutions can be one such candidate, fulfilling orders from various police departments and developing solutions for businessmen and politicians alike.


  • Varying Inventory



It is always a bad sign when an armoured vehicle manufacturer has only a handful of armoured SUVs to offer in their inventory. A good manufacturer should cater specifically to the needs of the clients, which can vary vastly. Therefore, a manufacturer that has a broad range of armoured vehicles would be better suited for your task. It is not just limited to the armouring levels but extends to other factors such as creature comforts and servicing schedules. JCBL Armouring Solutions is one of them. From bare bones full-size SUVs to proper luxury sedans, JCBL does it all.


  • More Than Just Tough



Contrary to popular belief, putting up armour on a car of your choice is pretty straightforward. You just have to strip the car down and bolt in ballistic plates. It is what the manufacturer does afterwards that makes the difference. Most bulletproofing solutions in India would just throw in a lot of ballistic steel and call it a day. But experts, like JCBL, would ensure that the car remains nimble even after the added weight. For a normal operation, features like heavy-duty hinges are a welcome addition. Other features like run-flat tyres and reinforced radiators also help mitigate the damage in a hostile environment. Remember, the main quality of an armoured car should be to get out of a firefight, not sit around to take punishment. This is crucial in determining the right armoured vehicle manufacturer for you.


  • Not Cost, Value



To be frank, you should never cheap out when considering an armoured car manufacturer. Whatever the cost of retrofitting the car may be, it is never higher than the value of your life or that of your loved ones. If you find yourself asking, “Okay. I gotta get my car armoured, how much mileage am I going to get?” , you are already not ready to own an armoured vehicle. This is an asset that can mean the difference between life and death, so it is imperative you invest generously. Considering the fact, if a manufacturer tells you up front the price of bulletproofing a vehicle and claims that it is the lowest you can get in the industry, you should be ready to walk away.


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To conclude, always do you research. It is not a decision that you can double down a few months down the line. Owning an armoured vehicle is of great importance if you think you can be under threat. An armoured vehicle that is heavy and cumbersome may not seem like the ideal way to commute or report to important meetings, yet it is the very thing that will come in handy when danger comes knocking. You can have security systems in your homes and offices, which makes a moving car the most vulnerable point for any wrongdoer to attack. It is best to retrofit that weakness, in the best way possible, before something unsavory goes down.

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