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6 Best Ways That Help JCBL Armouring Solutions Grant The Toyota Fortuner A Tougher Skin

There is something about big heavy SUVs with a powerful engine that you cannot just take your eyes off if you ever spot one. Such vehicles are built to go anywhere without creating much worry for the driver. In India, the Toyota Fortuner encapsulates that feeling to the T. It is not only the best-selling premium SUV in the country but also incorporates the reliability that comes with the Toyota badge on the front grille. Packed with numerous safety features and a powerful engine that grants it best-in-class towing capabilities, there aren’t a lot of SUVs out there that can match the Fortuner’s prowess.

So, how can you top a Toyota Fortuner? Simple, with a bulletproof Toyota Fortuner. Putting on ballistic armour on such a tough car may sound paranoid but considering the price bracket of the vehicle, it seems more than likely that customers may come across hostile situations. JCBL Armouring Solutions is one of the few luxury bulletproof car manufacturers in India that are up to the task. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, JCBL has been involved in manufacturing luxury armoured vehicles for various government and private clients over a span of several years. So, what could they have in store for a premium SUV like Toyota Fortuner? Read on to find out.


  • BE-6 Rated Ballistic Steel



First thing’s first. The basic of any luxury armoured vehicle is the bulk armour that goes into all the main panels of the car such as the doors, bonnet, pillars, and trunk. JCBL Armouring Solutions uses BE-6 rated ballistic steel plates that fit perfectly for the thickness of the Fortuner’s shell. And since that shell is a lot thicker than most other cars, this makes for a lot of armour that the Fortuner can take up. No surprise most people have trouble distinguishing between a bulletproof Toyota Fortuner and a regular one. The ballistic steel plates are rated to stop armour-piercing rounds without much trouble. Thus, there is not a whole lot you need to worry about when driving across shady neighborhoods.


  • Polycarbonate BR Glass


Any security consultant from a luxury bulletproof car manufacturer would tell you that the glass of an armoured vehicle is the most vulnerable point of attack. Therefore, JCBL Armouring Solutions makes sure that the best of bullet-resistant glass is used for a Toyota Fortuner. Lexan polycarbonate is used for all windows. This allows for reinforcement against most small-arms fire from the outside. The glass is hard and brittle in the outer layers to deflect the impact whereas the inner layers absorb the kinetic energy of the bullet. Moreover, the glass is only reinforced one-way. So, the occupants are free to return fire without hesitation if needed.





  • Blast-Resistant Fuel Tank Sheath


For the cost of a bulletproof Toyota Fortuner, JCBL Armouring Solutions is committed to give you an inclusive protection package. That is why making one involves a blast-resistant sheath over the fuel tank made of mild steel to counteract any sabotage for the car. The sheath prevents ruptures in the fuel tank from shrapnel and keeps out most of the energy in case of an IED explosion. For most luxury armoured vehicles, the fuel tank is situated to the bottom of the chassis, which means that it doesn’t need much in the way of ballistic protection.


  • Europlast/Hutchinson Run-Flat Tyres


However tough a bulletproof Toyota Fortuner may be, the idea of an armoured vehicle is to not stay to take punishment but get away from the threat as soon as possible. Since the tyres are the last point of contact for a moving vehicle, it is imperative that they don’t fail you in the worst circumstances. JCBL Armouring Solutions uses composite run flats for the main tyres and a spare. This can help you drive your Toyota Fortuner for 50 Km. attaining speeds of up to 50 Km/hr, even if all the tyres are deflated or severely damaged. The tyres are tested in a wide variety of terrain and are built to operate in a temperature range of -40o C to +160o C.


  • Heavy Duty Door Hinges


The one thing that escapes most luxury bullerproof car manufacturers in India is the fact that so much armour on the car can result in a cumbersome day-to-day experience for the owner. We all remember the embarrassing moment with former President Barack Obama when his Secret Service agents struggled to open the door of the Beast as he was leaving the Indian Republic Day ceremony. To ensure such a thing would not happen with you, JCBL installs heavy duty door hinges for major movable components such as doors and trunk lid for the cost of a bulletproof Toyota Fortuner. It makes it easier to operate those parts even with the extra bulk of the armour.



  • Performance Upgrades


Most luxury armoured vehicles handle a lot differently than their base configuration since they put on a lot of armour weight. To make sure that such a thing does not affect your car, JCBL Armouring Solutions includes several performance upgrades that help the Toyota Fortuner stay nimble. These include bigger brake pads that keep the vehicle in control at high speeds. The suspension is also reinforced with heavy duty springs and shock absorbers so that bumps over rough terrain are more easily managed. All of this generates the feeling that you are still driving a Toyota Fortuner and not a full-sized pickup truck in the body of an SUV.


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Recent years have seen a lot of growth in the armoured vehicle manufacturing segment not only just in India

, but also for the rest of the world. This has made a lot of luxury bulletproof car manufacturers come up with various armouring solutions for privately-owned vehicles. In spite of that, JCBL has led the charge with its robust and comprehensive packages, which include customization, for a lot of premium vehicles available in the market today. A bulletproof Toyota Fortuner is a testament to that fact. Combining the rugged off-road capabilities of a 4X4 with the skin of an armoured vehicle can deliver you one of the safest mobile fortresses without compromising much comfort for you and your loved ones.

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