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Armoured Mahindra Scorpio: Luxury And Affordability For The New Era


Mahindra Scorpio was the first complete automobile solution from Mahindra. But it wasn’t that easy. It took a total of five years to launch as a full-fledged SUV in the industry. And the armoured version is like the cherry on the top.


Scorpio is an unconventional product ideated by Mahindra that stood the test of time. This vehicle was designed keeping in mind the suppliers’ problems and still stands true to its purpose of solving transportation problems.


With affordable styling and a luxurious appearance, it made onto the preferred list of India-made SUVs all over the world. Its armoured version is equally an important contributor to its success.


Here is how it is a favourite among the people.


The price tag: The economical pricing makes this SUV a top preference among all the SUV lovers. It stands at 11-13* lakhs at present. Getting a world-class automobile product at such a price is quite difficult. But with Mahindra it became possible.






With the course of time, the demand for low price SUVs grew. And this made Scorpio take the center stage. It shines with all its glory as a multipurpose sports utility vehicle. It can be used as per the customer’s need or want. Similarly, opting for an armoured version is a deal you can’t resist. Mahindra Scorpio was designed keeping in mind the transportation aesthetics. Additionally, it was made clear that it would cater to the basic need of transportation. Gradually, it made its place as a newfound favorite among all kinds of users. And with enhanced protection, nothing can compromise your security. An armoured Mahindra Scorpio bulletproof model is a little pricey than the original but worth the effort. The highly reinforced suspension, robust door pillar and posts, barricaded door travel retainers and more features like this make it extra secure.


The irresistible good features: Mahindra Scorpio comes in a variety of models. Notable of them are the Getaway, Hunk and S series. Each of these models displays an abundance of irresistible features to go with. Apropos the new Mahindra Scorpio comes with front suspension and coil springs accompanied with a torsion bar at the rear. It is the only SUV that has inbuilt sedan like features (for example, follow-me-home headlamps, cruise control, rain sensing wipers, reverse parking camera, voice assist etc.)


Its Six Speed automatic transmission qualifies it as the only SUV under 20 lakh. It also boasts of a micro-hybrid idle start-stop feature in the automobile industry. 




Being offered as a custom vehicle: Scorpio is unique and so are its customizations! Surprisingly enough, it is also offered as a custom vehicle before being sold to the customer. Mahindra Customisation (its in-house modification wing in Mumbai) offers such services for this model. Likewise, the customers can add features according to their likings, use, and appeal. It is the only SUV manufacturer so far to provide modification options for this model.


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The same goes for its armoured version as well. At JCBL, we make sure that we live up to its name and appeal. And likewise, our armoured version is solely based on what the customer desires.



Mahindra Bulletproof vehicleScorpio displays versatility. On the one hand, it is inexpensive, and on the other it is customizable. It also hosts sedan like features and is the most preferred vehicle to go for luxury and affordability. The armoured version is thus an added advantage. Opting for the armoured version gives you the dual benefit of both pre customization and post customization together.






The specifications of the vehicle include-


Engine Description   

2.2-litre mHawk 4 cylinder Engine, Variable Geometry Turbocharger with Intercooler

Engine Displacement

2179 cc

Engine Transmission

5 Speed Manual, 6 Speed Automatic

Maximum Power

120 bhp @ 4000 rpm

Maximum Torque


Suspension Front/Rear

Double Wishbone / Multi-Link

Brake Front/Rear

Disc / Drum

Dimensions (LxWxH)

4456 mm x 1820m x 1995mm




CEN Level BR6


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Car bulletproofing is always the prime benchmark in defining security. Mahindra Scorpio makes sure that it follows all the security protocols while armouring. It doesn’t let you down. Use it the way you want with no dearth of options.


With armoured Mahindra Scorpio, get extra secure in any emergency or on difficult roads. Tow more commandingly on the driving seat position. Have the best of mileage, and zing away on your off-beat rides just like that.


An armoured SUV Scorpio will always be your best bet while driving.


Tell us what you desire in your armoured SUV Scorpio. We are here to steer the wheel with you. Drive your thoughts in the comment section.

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