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4 Luxury Armoured Vehicle Facts You Never Learned Anywhere

Did you know that armoured vehicles are not driven by a majority of people worldwide? Not surprised?! Well, here is one more. Did you know that electric vehicles can also be armoured? We bet you didn’t know this one.


Luxury vehicles are a class apart. And bulletproofing a car is just the beginning. Armoured vehicles and bulletproofing are not the same if we put it elaborately. Also, there is a lot more that goes behind making a vehicle that stands the test of time, emergencies, and direct attacks.


Armouring a vehicle is not that easy. But, it is not rocket science either.


Following are some of the facts that you never learned anywhere about armoured vehicles. And yes, they are changing the world.


1. The cost of armouring/buying a specific safety vehicle varies:




Yes, all the cars do not command the same price while being modelled into armoured species. The total cost borne is dependent on the kind of features wanted, and future probable threats. It also includes the emergency quotient and the social status of the person owning the vehicle. Also, some vehicles are armoured before these are handed over as final products. The original vehicle company and its price tag matters. For example, in India, the cost to bulletproof will be totally different in comparison to the cost of armouring the whole car.


Note: It cost 23 lakh in 2016 to bulletproof a glass car in India for election campaigns in Punjab. A single car (armoured product) having all the features of armouring costs in the range of 50 lakhs to 2 Cr Rupees. (Source:


A Fact to remember: An armoured Buggati costs over 3$Million. Surely a thing of the super rich!


2. It is not just about making the glass bulletproof:


glass bullet proof


A custom kit of armouring a vehicle consists of- Fire Proof Fuel Tank, Run Flat Tyre System, Blast Proof carpet, Bulletproof window panels, windshields, and side window glass. The glass is just the beginning to prepare for modification purposes. Also, one interesting fact to know is that mere being bulletproof does not save the vehicle from a bomb or any other such attacks. Security quotient is still not that great while opting for just this feature. This corresponds to the fact that bulletproofing is a subset of armouring a vehicle. Plus, a luxury armoured vehicle can run on deflated tires for miles (yes, it has to!).


A Fact to remember: An attacker takes 6 seconds on an average to do the job to kill and mostly target the glass.


3. These vehicles are impregnable (a lot!):



Okay, we have all seen the James Bond movies. We were all super impressed by its cars flaunting some ultra-modern life-saving tricks. In real life, we are quite close to achieving that feat. In fact, these vehicles are being developed to the extent of bearing a bomb attack. Unmanned ground vehicles, resisting dangerous gases inside the car, driving even after the tires deflate are just the starters. It also has developed the ability to kill the fuel tank if required. Armoured floors, oxygen supply tanks, encrypted communication system, and detecting threat of any kind is the reason luxury vehicles have it all great. Also, the odds of dying in a luxury armoured vehicle is 1 in 30,000. What more could you ask for when you know that the threat outside can’t even bite a nail of yours inside the car?!


A Fact to remember: Toyota Land cruiser is the most popular choice amongst cars for armouring.


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4. They are becoming popular (electric ones too):



With the advent of international perils and open attacks on dignitaries and the like, armoured cars have started gaining prominence. This is what makes the President of America drive in a Cadillac costing around 1.2$ Million. Kidnapping and terrorism are the main reason that these vehicles had to step in. These not only save the day but pave the way to a secured future.


Also, the electric models have started to penetrate the lives of the people who actually need protection. It is not being restricted to use in the military for now at a large scale.


Some of the hybrid features that make these vehicles desirable and worthy are- enhanced cost & fuel efficiency, greater survivability, improved manoeuvrability, and mobility. This corroborates one major fact- New age armoured vehicles are defining luxury and are here to stay. 


This is trajecting things to move at an improved pace in terms of technology-to-the-rescue. The whole phenomena of ‘save and being saved’ are reaching new zeniths.


A Fact to remember: Tesla S and Chevy Volt were one the first electric models to be armoured.


The driving force for an armoured car builder in India is not limited to just provide BR7 levels of security but to develop milestones. The journey for the last 80 years of providing security by armoured vehicles has gone through major overhauls. Today, security doesn’t stand for saving human lives but also making the vehicle stand against external threats efficiently and diligently.


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