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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    • Yes, of course. We can armour cars of almost any make or model. But obsolete cars are subject to lower levels of armouring because of the power and chassis constraints.

    • The cost of armouring depends on the model of car and also on the level of armouring requested. The final cost will depend entirely on the level of armouring and customization requested. JCBL Armouring Solutions is prime armouring company in the country and has a standalone reputation of offering exceptional quality and services at affordable rates.

    • JCBL Armouring Solutions has a significant experience in the automotive sector and has the capacity to roll out volumes with consistent quality. We can supply and deliver armoured vehicles all over India & abroad. JCBL armouring solutions work closely with local partners for outbound logistics arrangements to deliver armoured vehicles or spare parts seamlessly and damage free within 30 to 45 days. We also facilitate international delivery to all major airports and seaports.

    • The weight added to the vehicle solely depends on the type of vehicle being armoured and level of armouring requested. As obvious, light-weight armouring would be more expensive. Generally, the amount of weight added to a typical SUV can range from 300Kg to 800Kg depending on the level of armouring.

    • The addition of weight to the vehicle will affect its ride and handling. So, JCBL Armouring Solutions offer highly reinforced suspension to compensate supplemented weight of the vehicle. Moreover, JCBL also upgrades the brake pads of the vehicles for more plush and superior performance.

    • No, there will not be any change on the exterior of the vehicle. You yourself can tell us by having a glance on our armoured vehicles or on the JCBL Armouring Website. The appearance of the vehicle will remain unchanged from outside and will look factory fitted.

    • Same implies to the interior of the vehicle. Our vast experience has enabled us to imply impeccable techniques that favour us to retain factory fitted appearance on the inside of the vehicle. Though, if requested, we can also add additional customization on the inside of the vehicle.

    • If requested, we can enable windows to roll all the way down. But it would lead to additional cost.

    • Of course. Client tours are always welcomed. But please inform our sales associate in advance so that he can save the date with appointment for the visit.

    • We offer warranty for the armour related items installed and modification related custom workmanship for two (2) years, or 40,000 km (25,000 miles), whichever comes first. The warranty covers the repair and replacement of warranty related items only. JCBL Armouring Solutions is not at all responsible for any damage caused by accidents, negligence, and misuse of the vehicle.

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