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What Are The Applications Of VIP Armoured Buses?

December 20, 2022 Admin 0

The VIP armoured bus is a specially designed vehicle that offers protection against various threats. These buses transport VIPs, such as politicians, corporate executives, and other high-profile individuals. Armoured buses are built with reinforced steel and bulletproof glass and are equipped with security features such as CCTV cameras and emergency exit doors. JCBL Armouring Solutions, being one of the top armoured vehicle manufacturers in India, provides the VIP armoured bus in India for different applications.

This type of vehicle is designed to protect its occupants from attack by armed assailants or explosives. VIP armoured buses are vital in keeping VIPs safe while they travel. The threat is ever-present today, and the need for security is higher than ever. Armoured buses offer a level of protection that regular vehicles cannot provide. That is why the demand for armoured vehicles in India is growing. The need for VIP armoured buses will continue to grow as the world becomes increasingly dangerous. Armoured vehicles provide an essential service for those who require the highest level of security.

Election Campaigns

Security concerns are always the top priority when it comes to election campaigns. Politicians gather together to campaign for the candidates, followed by thousands of party workers and supporters. These situations are always considered sensitive, and anything can happen.

Undoubtedly, armed forces are always deployed during election campaigns for security reasons, but for extra layers of security, it is preferred to use a VIP armoured bus. Election campaigns are one of the most common among VIP armoured bus applications. JCBL Armouring Solutions is the best bulletproof election caravan manufacturer, providing VIP-like facilities and higher security. VIP armoured election campaign vehicle comprises facilities that make it secure and luxurious enough to travel in. Furnished with teak wood, this vehicle provides comfort with a sofa cum bed, electrical lift, Massage chair, and value-adding features like a home theatre.

Government Officials Movement

No matter the situation, government officials have to move from one place to another for many different reasons. These officials can be from any segment, defence or civil services. They need to go through various circumstances, and it can be made safe enough with the help of VIP armoured buses.


As we know, VIP armoured vehicles are meant for VIPs like famous personalities like politicians and celebrities. A single person can use an armoured car in India for extra security. But when it comes to travelling with a few people in a luxurious environment, then having a VIP armoured bus is what you should opt for. Travelling with safety and luxuriousness is the demand of the hour, and only armoured buses can provide you with that level of service.

Ordinary Bulletproof Buses

VIP armoured buses can provide secure travel to VIPs like religious and political leaders, sports celebrities, film stars, top-level corporate executives, film stars, etc. However, there are some use cases where ordinary bulletproof buses work out fine. Other than luxuriousness, these buses provide extra security to their occupants similarly. These buses can be used for armed forces troops, police forces, school buses, emergency medical staff, etc.

How Strong Are Armoured Buses?

Armoured enhancement of the buses consists of several numbers of checkpoints. Every point is taken seriously and enhanced so that it can provide extra safety. Tires are made strong with the help of Europlast/Hutchinson auxiliary. Blast-resistant mild steel is used to protect the fuel tank. Vehicle batter for armoured buses is specially designed, and ballistic steel is put in force to safeguard the Engine Control Module (ECM). Apart from this, a bullet catcher, heavy-duty door hinges, coil springs, reinforced suspension, emergency exit door, special protection for the radiator, and upgraded brake pads turn the ordinary bus into an ultra-secure solution.


VIP armoured buses are used in special cases to provide safety with luxuriousness. The luxury features like a home theatre, electric lift, sofa, and massage chair make a VIP bulletproof bus special. Other than this, the primary utility of the bus is its security system. Not only armour but such buses have a complete 360-degree security system to eye everything. The third thing is enhancing the bus for optimised performance so that the vehicle can serve all purposes. Still have any doubts about the use cases of VIP armoured buses? Get in touch with us to get all of your queries answered.

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