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Light Armoured Vehicle: Things You Must Know

December 15, 2022 Admin 0

As the demand for armoured vehicles is going high, the number of options is also rising. To meet different requirements, armoured vehicle manufacturers continuously provide customised products. Customers from different segments like defence, civil and politics have different requirements, so customised solutions are the need of the hour. JCBL Armouring Solutions as a leading armoured vehicle manufacturer in India, keeps in mind all the industry demands and does its best to provide products that serve all the applications.

On a major basis, light armoured vehicles are built in a way so that they can be strong and light at the same time. Demands for such vehicles come from different segments, including defence. Due to the special material used and a special way of armouring, the light armoured vehicles work smoother than the heavily armoured vehicles. It is one of the major demands in the armoured vehicle market. For example, armed forces need strong armoured vehicles to carry troops in the defence segment. In such situations, light armoured vehicles become more useful, as they provide ultimate security as well as mobility due to their light armouring.

What Makes LAVs different?

LAVs are built differently. However, the overall armouring process is the same, but the materials used make a huge difference. The ultimate goal of a LAV is to be completely safe from different ammunition and give an optimised performance like a light vehicle. We know that the armouring process puts some extra weight on any vehicle that impacts its performance of the vehicle in one way or the other. To make it operate smoothly without having any impact, the manufacturer puts into force advanced technologies for some of its components during the armouring process of LAVs.

Hinges and RFTs

Some things are different in light armoured vehicles, from ballistic hinges to run-flat systems. Components like hinges and tires bear most of the vehicle's weight, so they should be made strong enough to make the vehicle run smoothly without any flaws.

Battery and ECM

A vehicle's battery and the Engine Control Module (ECM) are very important to protect from any attack while making an armoured vehicle. The same thing applies to the light armoured vehicle in a way more depth. Both of these components are protected with ballistic steel to ensure extra safety.

Additional Layers

Additional layers of protection are installed in armoured vehicles that still keep them light in weight. Bullet catchers and large overlaps on door frames make them more robust. Heavy-duty hinges also add strength to the door.

Reinforced Suspension

The suspension system is the major component of the vehicle when it comes to performance. The suspension system must be reinforced with heavy-duty coil springs, and shock absorbers as the extra load is on the vehicle. Brake pads are also enhanced to make a light armoured vehicle perform better in all circumstances.

Importance of LAVs

Light armoured vehicles serve two major applications: safety and mobility. Both of these cannot be combined easily within a heavily armoured vehicle. Having a layer of protection and easy mobility with enhanced performance both of these are important for protection at all costs.

For example, JCBL Armouring Solution's LATC (Light Armoured Troop Carrier) is one of the most advanced light armoured vehicles built for the defence segment. To provide advanced mobility for the troops of armed forces, this vehicle comes with the required strength as well as the capability of carrying an extra load.

Bottom Line
Light armoured vehicles can provide enough safety against the ammunition, and it is easy to move from one place to another, bringing mobility into the action. Ensuring that an armoured vehicle is light, robust, and optimised in performance is complex. Light armouring is the only solution that provides facilities from all corners.


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