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What The Political Landscape In India Means For Armoured Vehicles Demands In The Coming Months

January 12, 2022 Karan 0

Nevertheless, JCBL Armouring Solutions is ready to step up and provide secure journeys to everyone involved. India Today recently had access to the facility and conducted a few interviews to know more about the industry needs and the process.

Mohali- based JCBL, which specialises in armouring vehicles for its clients, has been seeing a significant increase in the number of orders over the past few weeks.

With Assembly elections approaching, politicians in Punjab and Uttar Pradesh are busy getting their vehicles customised. The vehicles are being made bulletproof by adding armour.



Rishi Aggarwal, MD of JCBL, told India Today the orders to armour the vehicle come all around the year. However, as some of the states are going to polls, the demand to armour the cars has steadily increased from 55 to 75 per cent depending on the client's home state.

During the last Vidhan Sabha polls, we received a lot of orders to armour the cars and the politicians mostly prefer to armour Land Cruiser, Fortuner, Scorpio and Endeavour, said Rishi Aggarwal. He adds that not just politicians, but business tycoons, corporate honchos and even real estate builders now want their vehicles to be made bulletproof.

Rushank Doshi of JCBL said that most clients want their bulletproof cars to withstand the impacts of AK 47 rifles, bombs and 9mm bore pistols. In addition to the outer body, the engine and radiator of the car are also reinforced to protect them against gunfire. Bullet catchers are also installed in the windows to help them withstand the impact of bullets, keeping the passengers inside safe from any stray shrapnel.



The cost for armouring a single-vehicle ranges from Rs 25 lakh to one crore depending upon the client's requirements. These include anything from thick ballistic steel to heavy-duty hinges that make it easier to operate the car.

Bulletproof windows are of international standards which protect the clients from any sort of danger easily, Rushank Doshi said, adding, even if the tyres are shot the armoured vehicle can easily travel a distance of up to 50 Km. Other additions are also made to the brakes and suspension of the car to account for the added weight of the armour.


With over 25 years of experience in the industry, JCBL Armouring Solutions has a wide range of clientele. They boast of high-end fabrication equipment that allows them to cater to any kind of security need. According to Rushank Doshi, an armoured car can take anywhere between 45-80 days, depending upon the exact specifications as requested by the client. Additionally, the company also takes care of most of the paperwork, including the warranty for all major systems.

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