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All The Major Characteristics You'll Find In A Civilian Armoured Vehicle

August 17, 2021 Karan 0
Civilian Armoured Vehicle
Civilian Armoured Vehicle

Armoured cars are only for celebrities and political leaders, right? You might have read numerous articles on the internet already highlighting the various features of bulletproof cars in India, most of which are used by people who are really famous or really powerful. Surely, in such a country, civilian armoured vehicles are not a thing. I mean, armoured car manufacturers are always hush-hush regarding their clientele, but nobody who is moderately successful would be stupid enough to request their services. Many news outlets have already declared that if you have an armoured vehicle in your possession, you’ve got to have money to burn.

Well…not exactly. Yes, owning and maintaining an armoured car is an expensive habit, a habit that keeps you safe, especially in an economy with a two-year negative GDP in a row, where people are becoming increasingly desperate, and crime rates are through the roof. Suddenly, a civilian armoured vehicle doesn’t seem like a bad idea at all. But, if you’re new to this thing and want to get you and your family a more secure mode of transport, there are some things that you need to understand. Don’t worry. Throughout this blog, we’ll cover all the major characteristics of a civilian bulletproof vehicle and let you determine whether you want one for yourself.


  • Average Armour Level



Firstly, there’s a whole range of armoured vehicles with respect to their armouring levels. So, it is best to research which one suits you best. Highly armoured ones have the most protection, but are also more expensive to run and repair. Civilians usually don’t end up in the targeting sights of a sniper rifle, which means you can opt for a lower armour level when negotiating with your armoured car manufacturer of choice. Although, JCBL Armouring can help you draw out the best plans for your vehicle before the armouring process even begins. This not only saves you money on armouring but ensures the right protection long-term.


  • Focus On Blending In



For a civilian bulletproof vehicle, it is best that the bad guys don’t know it is bulletproof. Statistically speaking, a car crime takes place in less than 20 seconds, and most criminals would often target people who seem well to do for themselves. Thus, lend the situation to your advantage. Choose a car that is more common to your areas of commute to discourage the attacker. If something does happen and the attack takes place, most attackers would flee on realizing that the car is armoured rather than risk a continuous assault. Since your car sustained less damage, it will be easier to save on repairs as well.


  • Extra Enhancements Other Than Bulletproofing



The true mark of a high-quality bulletproof car is to keep moving under fire. Nick Fury wasn’t an idiot trying to drive out of the ambush in Captain America: Winter Soldier even though he had a lot of firepower. An attack can only escalate once the car is disabled. Therefore, it is necessary to invest in a few other enhancements to keep the car moving in a dangerous situation. JCBL Armouring Solutions can help with that, with upgraded suspension, run-flat tyres, and reinforced hinges to make the car easier to operate in a tense scenario.


  • Less Luxury, More Safety




Of course, you have to sacrifice a few niche features to ensure safe travels if you’re trying to get an armoured vehicle on a budget. So, say ‘bye-bye’ to things like climate control, roll-down windows, and even lighweight doors. Keep in mind that it is the safety that is to be kept as a priority for your bulletproof car. The armouring process is very meticulous and, even on lower armouring levels, keeps the car locked out in case of an attack from an external threat. It is your only haven if you end up in a bad area and things turn sour. This also means a bit of discomfort is there as a trade-off to ensure a better protection for all passengers.


  • Proper Insurance And Warranty



Bulletproof cars in India have a hard time since many of these aren’t insured properly and rarely get any warranty on parts, if at all. So, people who drive armoured cars are often forced to pay out of their own pockets for any third-party damages. Not so if you choose JCBL Armouring Solutions. We can not only help you get a good quote from a reliable company for insurance but also offer warranty on all major systems for at least two years. Thus, if you get your bulletproof car from us, you can drive around with the peace of mind that any damages shall be taken care of without burning a hole in your pocket.


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In summary, it is not like you have to go broke to get yourself a bulletproof vehicle. However, you do need a bit of planning and a bit of zeal to spend if you’re going for the right armoured car manufacturer. Not sugarcoating anything, an armoured vehicle is an expensive product, but no price can be put on your life and that of your loved ones. Civilian armoured cars should not be considered as liabilities but as investments, just like bonds and life insurance, that ensure a safer and more stress-free tomorrow for their owners.

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