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Armoured Mercedes-Benz Maybach: The Ultimate Piece of Safety and Luxury For All Your Road Travels

Mercedes-Benz may be regarded as one of the most well-known brands that manufacture luxury cars. However, for those looking for the best of opulence, its sub-brand Maybach is the perfect choice. This is a name that comes up every so often as it sets the highest bar for luxury travels on four wheels, a recent one being the gorgeous S600. So, how do you make a Mercedes-Maybach even better? Three words: Armoured Mercedes-Maybach.

With a Mercedes-Benz MBUX interface, supple leather seats, and an overall sleek ambience that surrounds the cabin, the Maybach S600 is a statement in top-of-the-line luxury. Still, there are other features that make it one of the most sought-after VIP Armoured Vehicles. Let's take a deep dive and find out how.


  • A powerful drivetrain


A massive turbocharged V12 engine sits under the hood of the Maybach S600. Manufactured by Mercedes-Benz and perfected by their performance AMG department, this beast puts out more than 600 hp at the press of the throttle. That much power is enough to propel most armoured sedans and luxury vehicles, even with the added weight of the armour fitments.


  • Customizable interior


The Maybach S600 comes with a cabin that is highly modular, thanks to its derivative of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class chassis. This makes for easy upgrades of armour throughout the car, enabling the possibility for clever features like concealed weapons and heavy-duty door hinges.

  • Large wheelbase


The massive S-class wheelbase allows for a wide range of sizes of armour fitments onto the S600. An armoured Mercedes-Maybach needs to suit the exact security specifications of its owner, which the S600 does flawlessly. It can support up to 2 tonnes of excess weight without any bending, making it capable of possessing an amouring level of CEN BR6 or higher.

  • Robust adaptive suspension


The hydraulic adaptive suspension of the Maybach S600 is a feat of modern automotive engineering. It can adjust itself automatically according to the road conditions or steering feedback. It also makes it equally adept to counter the excess weight of the ballistic steel onto the car. This means that the S600 can deliver a nimble and controllable performance without many changes in the suspension.

  • Plenty of passenger and cargo space


The body panels of the Maybach S600 are designed in such a way that they grant the sedan the maximum space for both the passengers and cargo. This means that there is more space for improvement than just adding on ballistic steel. You can go for other protection measures such as a mild steel sheath for explosive protection. The wider wheel arches can easily accomodate run-flat tyres.


To conclude, the Mercedes-Maybach S600 is a definitive luxury armoured sedan, capable of the best level of protection this platform can provide. For the best deals on your own S600 and quality armour fitments that last for several years, connect with JCBL Armouring Solutions.


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